3322) The Turk in America (The Creation of an Enduring Prejudice) by Prof. Justin McCarthy : Book Review By Sukru Aya

Updated 16 Nov 2011
University of Utah Press, 2011
(287 pages + 178 pages references)
Table of Contents:
List of Maps, Acknowledgments
1. The Missionaries Depart
2. Turks and Muslims in Early America
3. The Greek Rebellion
4. The Religion of the Turks
5. Education
6. The Bulgarian Horrors
7. Americans and Armenians
8. World War I: The Capstone of American Prejudice
9. The Age of Near East Relief
10. The Propaganda Bureau: The British and the Turks
11. Politics and the Missionary Establishment
12. The Last Act for the Missionary Establishment
13. Epilogue: The Myth of the Terrible Turk Lives On
Notes, Bibliography, Index
Justin A. McCarthy is professor of history at the University of Louisville, Kentucky

Justin A. McCarthy (born October 19, 1945) is an American demographer, professor of history at the University of Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky. He holds an honorary doctorate from Bogaziçi University, Turkey, and is a board member of the Institute of Turkish Studies. His area of expertise is the history of the late Ottoman Empire.

After reading this monumental book, several diverse matters came to my mind and the most unusual one is the resemblance of this masterpiece to the Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok. I will explain this, at the end of this essay in a descriptive note. But first let us have a few leads about this outstanding scholar on the Middle East History and demography.

Readers can obtain information from the unreliable Wikipedia and understand why he was interested in the history of the Ottoman Empire and his approximately ten books on the related subjects.

I would advise readers of the
. . .

“armenians-1915.blogspot.com” to acquaint themselves with some of the postings about him, to name but a few numbers 089, 269, 270, 272, 273, 1847, 2138, 2349 and in particular No. 2350 in which Dr. Gregory Stanton, a “Human Rights activist, Ph.D. of Theology from Harvard, and associated with the Unitarian Church”, speaks of “overwhelming scholarly evidences” (showing none) and calls Prof. Emeritus Justin McCarthy “a notorious genocide denier” (without explaining the meaning of denier and as if everyone is obligated to accept unproven accusations) and adds that “he represents the Turkish Government” (and here again, no evidence is submitted). What more, which is to decide if he was to be a representative on any matter, and that it would be a crime! This is a typical essay, fully replied by Holdwater word to word. I would expect Dr. Stanton to read this book, and being a Doctor of Theology, to answer over 2000 references McCarthy gave with exact sources. Serious scholars should have the courage to stand up and speak “what knowledge or reference is wrong” and submit the opposite evidences. Without such . . .

  1. PART I

  2. PART II

  3. PART III 20 Oct 2011 Update

  4. PART IV 16 Nov 2011 Update


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