3333) Video: Movsesian v. Versicherung AG: Armenian Insurance Case In CA

Case Number: 07-56722
San Francisco, CA 12/14/2011

I have watched with interest, but have serious concerns about the neutrality of the court and their knowledge of basic truths, before getting tangled [whether the District Court of California, should or not use the term of "Armenian Genocide"] simply because this would "affect the political relations between Turkey and USA". Regardless of the impressive setting and solemn procedures, the absence of the following basic facts, and that no one informed them, creates the impression of a Kangaroo if not a Lynching Court, because: . .
  • a- The term of "Armenian Genocide" is leisurely used without any justification,
  • b- Does this used term comply with the definition of Genocide in the U.N. charter?
  • c- What was the authorized tribunal (like Nuremberg) which affirmed the occurrence of a genocide and named the criminals? Can a whole nation be named as criminal when not one is proven?
  • d- The court is totally unaware that Armenians were at WAR with the Ottomans, and these are well proven by the book of Garekin Pastermadjian, the Armenian Memorandum given to Paris Peace Conference, the General Harbord Report, Captain Niles and Sutherland Reports, the non existence of such terms in the U.S. Relief Report resolved on 22.4.1922 by the Senate which mathematically and wordily belies the existence of any large massacres or losses.
  • e- The Court is also unaware of the claims made by the US Government following the Lausanne Treaty in December 1923 and the consecutive researches, some 2000 claims of loss and indemnities until 1934, and which were settled with exchanged letters of agreement.
  • f- The Court is also unaware of the League of Nations Gazette of 1928 and the declaration of General Secretary F. Nansen that Armenians were at actual war on all fronts but that they were abandoned when Turks won.
  • g- I am sure that if a careful study of the names of the claimants on insurance policies is done with lists of immigrants that arrived in USA or other countries, or the claims made to the Settlement Commission, several of them will prove to be fabrications or distortions.

Conclusion: At this stage the procedure of the court is to "keep out Turkey from getting involved in the court case", when the "decision of Genocide will definitely involve Turkey". Smart guys, hitting at the back...and U.S. Justice, by not "searching the defense of the party which will be convicted."

I am not a lawyer but these are the things that came up to my mind, which should be whispered or presented in writing to the judges who do not have any knowledge of the history they put on trial.

Best regards
Sukru Server Aya



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