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Turkey’s leaders threatened France for months with various reprisals should the French government pass a law making it illegal to deny the Armenian Genocide.

France or Sarkozy has risked in throwing gigantic economic benefits and support of 75 million Turks and huge present investments in Turkey, versus 500.000 Armenian votes to stay in power from the diaspora of one of the poorest countries in the world whose population

Is leaving the home country en mass, to find jobs in neighboring countries! Estimates are that about 60-70.000 “tourist Armenians work illegally in Turkey” and they may be deported in retaliation. These illegal workers have families, children in Turkish Armenian schools and they will be the ones to pay for what the Dashnakist government repeats a century later.

Ignoring Turkish threats and blackmail, the French Parliament adopted a bill on Dec. 22, 2011, criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide. The Senate followed suit on Jan. 23, 2012, with a vote of 127-86, after a 7-hour debate. The new law, to be signed soon by President Nicolas Sarkozy, carries a one-year jail term and a fine of ~$60,000 for anyone denying the genocide. Every single member of the French legislature, even those voting against the bill, stated that they had no doubt whatsoever about the facts of the Armenian Genocide.

Mr Harut applauds this absolutely nonsense law, paradoxical to human rights of free expression. There are about 7 billion people on this planet that worship their God and believe that they will be welcomed in heaven!

Is there any penal law if I say “I do not believe in these imaginations marketed by clergies, there is no God, no heaven… A human’s life is no different than an animal’s or a plant. You have a seed, growth and death. Why my flower or cat does not have a paradise, but I have a promised one…if I do this or that ritual. Is it because I am wiser or more stupid than my cat? What will be my penalty? Shall I be sent to Inquisition court and torched alive because I don not believe in anything which is not proven? Well, under the French law of imposters of democracy, I can refute God and paradise in which most of the world believes, but I cannot refute the Armenian palaver they successfully sell for over a century which has become an industry of hatred and grudge.
. . .

The hour of truth has now arrived. One wonders if Turkey’s leaders have the courage to carry out their bombastic declarations. We would like to ask them two questions: 1) Are you all talk and no action, or, as the saying goes, is your bark worse than your bite? 2) Will you be taking short-term face-saving measures or more serious and permanent steps?

Personally for long years I have not endorsed the policy of the leaders, because “they know nothing, trust no one, and handle historical matters” in simple political maneuvers. I really do not know who at the moment does the barking? Is it Harut with this article, or the Turkish government which still cannot understand what happened?

I have no idea of what measures “they can really take without doubling the bilateral loss of economic benefits”.

Anyway, I see why Harut should feel happy or unhappy for matters “none of his concern”, other than hatred!

Unlike a month ago, the Turkish public will not be satisfied if the ambassador is withdrawn, only to be sent back in two weeks. Also, Turks may not be too impressed by their prime minister’s announcement that he will no longer visit Paris.

While Turkish officials are recovering from the shock of the French vote, we wish to offer some tips on how Turks can make a bad situation even worse. In its fury, the Turkish government may take retaliatory measures not only against France, but against all countries that have recognized the genocide. Such extreme, irrational, and self-defeating actions would contribute to Turkey’s isolation and hurt its own interests. Below are suggested ideas on how Turkey could settle scores with France and other perceived adversaries.

Turkish Officials are not in the habit of reading or learning or even supporting researchers and concrete evidences. They are down in the black hole of their knowledge and incapacity. They do not know even ONE percent of the documentary evidences posted in this blog since 2005! Present results are the outcome of their inability or ignorance of knowing what to do when you are hit in the back or under the belly! Who is Harut to give tips or advices of deviltry to Turkey from his tiny town newspaper published to butter diaspora Armenians?

1) Withdraw the Turkish ambassador from France and do not send him back until the French government renounces its acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide and the newly adopted French bill.

Yes, this is a childish simple reaction just to satisfy the Turkish public which still knows absolutely nothing!

2) Expel the French ambassador from Turkey and shut down the French Embassy.

Yes, there is no limit to incapacity and gestures that leads nowhere but worsen matters!

3) Break all economic, military, cultural, and political ties with France.

Yes, but these are so old and extensive that it will be no different than shooting own foot also! Seriously these ties cannot be totally broken, because they are so big and profitable for both sides. Face saving retaliations are nothing, but loss of time and prestige.

4) Collect all French products such as chocolates and wines from store shelves throughout Turkey and dump them in the sewer; and ban French fries and French kissing!

Wow! I see that the imaginable stupidities of the writer, well exceeds the Turkish inabilities!

5) Cancel all Turkish Airlines flights to French cities and do not allow Air France flights to Turkey. Place similar restrictions on French ships.

Cancellation of flights is not possible under existing Agreements, nor is it beneficial to any party. There is a community of nearly 400.000 Turks in France but only one third of these are French citizens. If you see any ship with French flag let me know, I have not seen any in the past fifty years in Turkish ports! This also is inapplicable.

6) Prohibit the teaching of French in Turkish schools and shut down private French schools in Turkey.

If Turks were to be as stupid as Harut thinks, they should have given first priority to close several Armenian schools. The French, Italian or Greek, Armenian, Jewish schools are ALL TURKISH SCHOOLS!

7) Forbid access to all French websites.

Wow! How would you do that and what will be your profit?

Sassounian: 20 Steps Turkey Could Take to Worsen Relations with France Discontinue Turkey’s efforts to join the European Union, in view of the expected submission of similar measures on genocide denial to all 26 EU member countries.

Turkey’s long lasting and continuing inability to deal with such political travesties is the main cause of the present developments. Unfortunately, they do not read, ask or listen to any one that knows better.

9) Cancel Turkey’s membership in the Council of Europe because in 1987 the European Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide.

European Parliament’s reference to an Armenian genocide has no legal value, see:

Following excerpts from "European Court of Justice" Case T-346/03 or (62003T00346) dated 17.12.2003: Resolution p.9

par. 19: It suffices to point out that the 1987 resolution is a document containing declarations of a purely political nature, which may be amended by the Parliament at any time. It cannot therefore have binding legal consequences for its author, nor fortiori, for the defendant institutions.

par.20: That conclusion also suffices to dispose of the argument that the 1987 resolution could have given rise to legitimate expectation, on the part of the applicants...

10) Withdraw from the United Nations because in 1985 the UN Human Rights Commission adopted a report recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

This is another palaver of Harut. United Nations’ subject commission has not adopted-approved any report recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Whittaker’s report was not voted and approved, it was only “received” and filed without action

11) Ban all Turkish official visits to France.

Wow! Visits can be restrained but not banned! Harut may event foresee a war because of this scandal?

12) Expel all French citizens from Turkey and demand that all Turkish citizens immediately leave the territory of France.

Wow; childish imaginations! May be soon the Armenian citizens staying illegally in Turkey may be asked to return to their country for expired visas.

13) Do not allow French tourists and businessmen to enter Turkey.

Wow! Such nonsense can come only to sick minds floating in hatred! Enjoy, and keep waiting!

14) Shut down French automobile factories in Turkey (causing the unemployment of thousands of Turkish workers).

Wow! Another fantasy of sickness of mind!

15) Rename all French streets in Turkey to Algerian and North Korean names.

Wow! Thanks for the advice of “totally defective thinking that leads to no interest” !

16) Adopt a resolution by the Turkish Parliament accusing France for the so-called Algerian “genocide.”

Turkish Parliaments, if they had knowledge and unity, they should have invited first other Parliaments who took such decisions for small political benefits, “to prove that any genocide really did happen and back it with an official verdict of authorized tribunal as demanded in the U.N. charter”. Comparison with Algiers has no sense!

17) Deport all citizens of Armenia working illegally in Turkey. Deprive them of all food and water during their long march from Istanbul to Armenia—or, even worse, to the Syrian desert!

Wow! So you admit that there are tens of thousands Armenians working illegally in Turkey! They usually come by air or buses! Why should they walk when going back? I know that the Armenian Church even provided tickets to those who wanted to go back to Armenia, but they soon change they mind or if gone come back! Why should the government provide “free food and water” to Armenians only and not her own citizens? Zor district in Syria is agricultural land on the shores of Euphrates. There are no deserts in Syria…

18) Withdraw all private and public Turkish funds from French banks.

French banks have many investments and joint ventures with other Turkish banks. I do not think that the Government has any assets in French banks, nor a reason for it. As regards “private accounts” that’s none of
The government’s business or authority!

19) Blacklist all French books, movies, newspapers, and TV programs in Turkey.

If they were to blacklist, they should have better started with books of Dadrian, Morgenthau, Blue Book, Taner Akcam, Elif Shafak and other genocide pipe blowers, who sell freely in most bookstores. These are imaginations of fanatics.

20) Arrest French citizens in Turkey in retaliation for Turks imprisoned in France for denying the Armenian Genocide.

Bravo! There are no Turks imprisoned in France, and if that really happens Turks will think then for retaliation starting with enforcing a Turkish law to punish those “admitting that Turks are criminals guilty of a genocide which could not even happen physically!

The French Senate’s decision is part of the high price the Turkish government has been paying for the past 100 years for its persistent denial of the Armenian Genocide and the heinous crimes committed by its Ottoman predecessors. Until Turkey acknowledges its guilt and restores Armenian lands and properties to the descendants of genocide victims, it will continue to face serious challenges from other countries and will be denied a place in the family of civilized nations.

The French Senate’s decision is nothing but a world wide evidence of corruption and travesty of politicians elected to certain positions and who would do every ethical deviltry to stay in power. This type of ethical degradation creates doubts in the minds of “decent humans, if it is not more reasonable to have an honest dictator versus corrupted politicians” who defend their own self interest on top of the interest of the people who brought them to those positions.

The “genocide allegations” were invented after 1960s and were propagandized by the murders of ASALA and similar terror organizations to establish a “system of collecting money for sacred causes, embezzling some of it”.

If the Armenian Government were not to get a share from diaspora, why should they thank Sarkozy? Did Sarkozy sent an Euro to Armenia or made “any investment in Armenia to create jobs and improve the crippled Armenian Economy? Why Harut does not suggest that Sarkozy should invite and give jobs to the illegal Armenian Workers, when kicked out from Turkey? Prove your Armenian solidarity in reality and not empty words in the air. Armenians have not learned a thing in the past century, but diaspora and pipe blowers like Harut keep the tune playing to sustain their luxurious life. If you want to learn what I mean, refer to:



"The United Nations have never approved nor supported a report that describes the Armenian experience as 'genocide'.

Farhan Haq,
Office of the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary General,

Best regards
Sukru S. Aya
27 Jan 2012

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Bixby Ay: I think Turkey should close all the borders with Armenia and put out all the Armenian workers from Turkey (not the Turks of Armenian origin, but the Armenians). And maybe some people would learn to close their big mouth

Bixby Ay: I know that Turkey and Turks, feeling no need to belittle arrogant fools keep their nerves, but living in middle of Europe, I'm tired of hearing these clowns for too many years, now. I wonder if they do this to anger Turks so much, one of them will finally, logically (even if it's sad) freak out. I suspect they do this on purpose. As always they pique and pique and pique, like mosquitoes, and when they receive a good spanking in reaction, they bawl like spoilt brat on momma Europe's skirt. Pathetic. I suspect they pray every day for some Turk to get mad. So they can play their usual trauma string again, I suppose. It's simply scandalous ! Stupid and hateful and arrogant.

Paerla Giz: Agree with Bixby. Armenians are insignificant little country, but how long their propaganda and hatred toward Turks will continue? They are so arrogant and nationalistic. And they learn this from early age.''Turk is barbarian'' and 'they did 'genocide''. Why the world prefer to be one sided and biased? why never ever look from Turkish perspective, study history from BOTH sides? Then it would be clear - genocide is a fabricated lie.

Enough, those Armenian tears - it is really enough!
Something must be done!

Bixby Ay: Oh they can shed their crocodile tears all they want.

What I can't stand anymore is that Turks, in the name of Love and Smiling tomorrows, decided to bury their grudges ! In the name of Children to come, who would prove again, how living all together is possible, like it was possible during CENTURIES under Ottoman Empire : before the industrialisation, 1850, Suez, the roads to India, the terrible need of France and Russia to get hold of Jerusalem (out of the erm, axis of "evil" Muslims, old idea). Turks, in the name of their basic need to forget and forgive their OWN tears, and go on with their lives, buried their anger against the neighbour who chose to kill their families and razed their villages !

They tried to forget the pain of seeing this friend, nearly brother sharing the same grocery, enemy of the inside hitting him in the back !

Turks instead of growing up with the hate of the other, licked their wounds and tried to go on with their lives.

Of course, it's easier for people lacking the basic sense of honesty, to held the other responsible for everything, than accept that everything got lost on some gigantic chess-game ! Armenians unable to forgive themselves, for having played the wrong card of this poker game : Europe and its usual lies, (look at Arabs and their unc' Lawrence, same kind of trap card) may find easier, to hate Turks, and held him responsible than look oneself in the mirror, like Hovhannes Katchaznouni did, for instance, analyzing the sad price of being the imperialistic Allied Forces' pawns.

Pawns in the Big political chess-game, yesterday, like today, Armenians seem to love this role.(Sadly, like always all this is "played" without considering the price for simple, innocent people).

As there is nothing to wait from them (as there is never nothing to wait from no one) Turks should simply do what must be done : Attack France, Britain, US. Australia, NZ, Russia and their pawns, Greeks, Armenians, Arabs, in front of an International Court of Justice (one way or the other, only an International Court of Justice, Tribunal composed for this purpose, can have the legitimacy to Judge) and accuse them of Crime of Genocide against Turks.

War Crime / Crime against Humanity / Crime of Genocide : 3 different words for 3 different kind of crimes. The Intent to get rid of people, raze them from the surface of Earth, began in the 1850-1870, and it was against TURKS ! From Balkans to other regions.

Turks always accepted the existence of an immense terrible war : how could they ignore this fact ! All these forces against them, left their deaths and scars !!!
Turks showed their compassion even for ... Australian soldiers !!! (Anzacs) who came an Ocean apart to KILL THEM. All those forces who came ON THEIR OWN SOIL To KILL TURKS !!! Who are the insulting disgusting hateful people pretending, suggesting, between all these hate lies, that TURKS didn't feel compassion or KNOW the cost of war ? FOR ALL !


Turks were IN MIDDLE OF ALL THIS ! THEIR FAMILIES, THEIR VILLAGES, THEIR PEOPLE ! (Not like some Australian, French or American flying back to darling, petite chérie, momma or dad'!).


Maybe from Paris, Marseilles or Geneva, NY, famous bases of hintchack, dashnak, the taste of Blood which was just some explosive saliva before 1914 on newspapers, war is just some Phantasm of rebel sitting on an armchair; and then, after the War, and Russian Revolution (1917) when all get erm ... out of hand, kind of of, (wasn't communist socialist way of life the dream of these Armenian committees ?... ups, other poker game card lost ?) Hate became what ? some kind of game, a fantasmagorical hate to dream on ? Easy, of course, to ignore, from far away, the COST, HUMAN COST, on THE GROUND, of these sick plans of hate and plans of extermination of the "Old sick man of Europe" and then plan of partition !

For Turks, like others, living ON the GROUND, this war was much more than a simple question of all these "Plans" ! Their main INTENT could have been to SURVIVE, but they prefer to say they were ready to die (it's a question of spirit).

Turks, ready to die, did survive. Sorry, but not sorry.

In the case of this WW1, we see not only a negationnism of Turkish victims, but a vilification of Turks. And if proof was needed, this is the icing of the cake of real genociders : like Allied forces and their pawns who negate the (Turkish) victims, worse : say the (Turkish)victim is the guilty Part.

How convenient...

Turks, ready to die, survived. And went on with their life.

Some people should take example on them, instead of trying to vilify this example of courage, so lonely, but brave and too proud to show its tears, against all these self-proclaimed axis of the good (and their pawns).

PS : sorry for my English, I usually speak French. It's a sad luxury to read their sheet s of hate.



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