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Comment by Sukru S. Aya

This new addition to your E-library, is a great contribution as “historical evidence”, and reconfirms my previous comments and book contents. The sorrowful reality is the fact that U.S. politicians or Turkish speakers or scholars, do not read such discoveries and repeat their own stale opinions, despite the fact that “documents show the very opposite”.

This document gives the Hearings on June 21, 1916, “Committee of Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives” as regards “Relief to Armenians”. This document comprises the statements of Rev. Arsene E. Vehuni, Bishop of Armenians, who speaks for the Armenian population in Turkey as “about 2,000,000” when we know from the French-Armenian Land Distribution Committee Report dated March 1, 1914 that the population was 1.280.000. The Bishop was brought to the Committee to exert “religious weight” as a Christian!

The speaker on behalf of Armenians was a lawyer Miran Sevasly, who died in 1935 and we see a small report in the New York Times which informs the readers quite well: Armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2007/08/1878-nyt-22-jun-1935-armenian-patriot.html

Among the papers submitted by Mr. Sevasly, the following starting sentence is of interest: “Kevork, the Servant of Jesus Christ, and by the…” I thus learned that “Christ had an Armenian servant” and who knows his role in the spread of Christianity?

The following excerpt from page 4 is of very high importance:

“Mr. Morgenthau thinks that about $ 5,000,000 are urgently needed. The American Relief Committee says that, according to their knowledge, ever since deportations have been started, about 750,000 or 800,000 men have been deported from the different parts of Asia Minor to the wilderness of Mesopotamia”.

The readers are cordially invited to view Chapter 11 of my book “The Genocide of Truth Continues…But facts Tell the Real Story”, at


and note that Boghos Nubar, head of the Armenian Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in his letter dated Dec.11, 1918 to the French Foreign Ministry, gave this number as 600,000 to 700.000.

It is not only that the “population numbers are always inflated by Armenian authorities” but I am asking a simple question to all U.S. Scholars, Politicians, Correspondents and or self made scholars such as Orhan Pamuk, Fatma Müge Göcek and many more in Turkey and overseas including pipe blowers such as Taner Akcam, (as well as the Turkish authorities and writers who learn from hearsays) to explain and prove to the readers:

a- If subject document, (Washington Government Printing Office – 1916”) is fake and if not

b- How anyone can kill 1,000,000 or 1,500,000 persons out of maximum 700,000 and have a balance of:

c- 1,414,000 alive on 31.12.1921
, as per US Senate-Relief Report resolved on 22.4.1922 or

d- 625,000 alive as per letter dated 24.3.1921 from US High Commissioner in Istanbul to the U.S. Secretary of State?

On page 13 of the same document we have another paradoxical excerpt which reads:

“The dispatch shows that the number of survivors is greater than has been stated in former estimates, which varied between three hundred and five hundred thousand. Now it is cabled that there are 500,000 in the districts of Damascus, Zor, and Aleppo alone. The total number of Armenian refugees in Turkey who need help is at least 800,000.”

Conclusion: Documented counter comments only…are welcome!

Sukru S. Aya, Istanbul 27.11.2012



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