2132) American Indians From Turkey Put Pressure On Turkish Parliament : U.S. Commit Genocide Against American Indians

* Genocide, Who? When?
Ayse Heinbecker

The Turkish Parliament is debating a resolution that would charge the U.S. with committing genocide against the American Indians. Some American Indians, none being full blooded, who are living in Turkey have put great pressure on the Turkish Parliament to pass this resolution.

They have made large financial contributions to key members of the Turkish Parliament. This money was gained from bringing gambling casino know-how to Turkey.

The Indian timing was well thought out because it comes when Turkish/American relations are at their worst point.

The U.S. has humiliated the Turkish Army with the 2003 sack incident in Northern Iraq. They have threatened Turkey when Turkey refused to join the disastrous invasion of Turkey’s neighbor, Iraq.

They have secretly supported Turkey’s major terrorist organization with arms and given those terrorist protection in Iraq’s northeastern border mountains.

Just this week the PKK infiltrated across the border into Turkey, ambushed and killed 13 Turkish soldiers in one sweep. They then returned to their U.S. protected safe haven in Northern Iraq.

Of course the Americans are bitter also because over the years Turkey has allowed these Indians with their continuing tribal ties to history to assassinate 7 U.S. diplomats in Turkey.

The Indian pressure for the resolution is based on incidents of genocide committed against seven different tribes between 1500 AD and 1800 AD. The case is based on their tribal history which passed by way of mouth for generations. The vote will be taken on this information without listening to the American Governments perspective.

The only conclusion is that the Turkish Parliament will be voting for political reasons only, i.e. to please the Indian minorities in their constituencies. These historic events took place long ago and 7000 miles away, none are political issues for Turks.

What if the above scenario took place? It is based on facts and incidents but on the wrong foot. Can we imagine what the U.S. would do? This would be an attack on the American ego and world image. Would we allow little old Turkey to drag out our supposed dirty wash, and even if it was not dirty, hang it out in front of the world?


On the Armenian issue, the Turkish position which my American friends have not heard (or not heard enough) is that this is an event in history and should be studied by historians, not politicians a half a world away.

The Turks propose the proper “competent tribunal”, as set forth in the 1948 U.N. convention on genocide, be officially tasked to run the Armenian claims through the “due process” to decide, legally, if the events of 1915 could be labeled a genocide. Furthermore, Turkey is willing to accept the conclusions of such a “competent tribunal” after “due process” and if found guilty, apologize to the Armenians and the world. Armenia is Turkey’s neighbor and Turks would like to have this issue solved justly to get on with being good neighbors. If such a tribunal reaches the verdict that the events of 1915 cannot be labeled a genocide, however, then Turkey expects similar honesty, respect, and apology from the genocide believers.

There is one note that may be a road block. The Ottoman Turkish archives on this issue are open to all scholars but the Armenian archives (in Erivan, Boston, and Jerusalem) to date have been kept closely guarded and open only to selected Armenian scholars. This properly authorized and officially tasked “competent tribunal” will need to have full access to all documents.

Interestingly there are also extensive American archives on many of these issues. They are in the U.S. Library of Congress under the title of Bristol papers. I wonder how many in the U.S. Congress read them before committing to voting on this genocide issue.

Warren H. Winkler M.D.
Istanbul, Turkey

Source: http://www.turkla.com/yazar.php?mid=1206&yid=4


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