2956) Genocide Cries In Vain… To Make … Cash Flow Like Rain

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By Sukru Server Aya - Istanbul

Remarks at House of Commons, Demanding Justice for Armenians, By Harut Sassounian May 15th, 2009

At the invitation of the British-Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group (BAAPPG), I spoke on May 7 at a special conference on the Armenian Genocide held at the House of Commons, Committee Room 3, the British Parliament, London.

Dr. Israel Charny, Director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem, was also invited to speak at this conference. Regrettably, due to a last minute illness, Dr. Charny could not attend. His prepared remarks titled, “Denial of Genocide is not only a political tactic, it is an attack on decent people’s minds and emotions,” was read by Peter Barker, a former broadcaster of BBC Radio.

The conference was chaired by House of Lords member Baroness Cox, Chairman of BAAPPG. In attendance were: Members of the House of Lords, the Armenian Desk officer of the Foreign Office, representatives from the Embassies of Greece, Kuwait, Serbia, Slovenia, and Syria, non-governmental organizations, scholars, journalists, and other distinguished guests.

In my remarks titled, “Armenian Genocide and Quest for Justice,” I cited the acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide by the United Nations, European Parliament, legislatures of more than 20 countries, U.S. House of Representatives, Pres. Reagan, 42 out of 50 U.S. States, and the International Association of Genocide Scholars. I concluded that “after so many acknowledgments, the Armenian Genocide has become a universally recognized historical fact.”

Who do you think you are Sir and who has empowered you to make such childish conclusions and universal declarations? . .

I expressed regret that the United Kingdom remained one of the rare major countries

Apparently U.K is a more serious country where fait-accompli voting of small groups in session favoring genocide did not work!

that has yet to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. I pointed out that”Britain’s siding with a denialist state is not so much due to lack of evidence or conviction, but, sadly, because of sheer political expediency, with the intent of appeasing Turkey.”I urged British officials to heed the cautionary words of Prime Minister Winston Churchill who said: “An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Does such gross language fit scholarly debate or form self-righteousness? Is your paper printed for Zoo visitors in Florida marshlands?

I suggested that Armenians no longer needed to convince the world that what took place during the years 1915-23 was “a genocide.”

Why Sir? Is this Ku Klux Klan or lynching mob or tribal methods of implementing justice?

Here are excerpts from my May 7 speech:
“A simple acknowledgment of and a mere apology, however, would not heal the wounds and undo the consequences of the Genocide. Armenians are still waiting for justice to be meted out, restoring their historic rights and returning their confiscated lands and properties.

Apologize for what? Various revolutions, acts of treason, joining enemies, fighting in front and behind the home country?

“In recent years, Armenian-American lawyers have successfully filed lawsuits in U.S. federal courts, securing millions of dollars from New York Life and French AXA insurance companies for unpaid claims to policy-holders who perished in the Genocide. Several more lawsuits are pending against other insurance companies and German banks to recover funds belonging to victims of the Armenian Genocide.

That was a smart “treasure hunt” which worked, why don’t you go to International courts?

“In 1915, a centrally planned and executed attempt was made to uproot from its ancestral homeland and decimate an entire nation, depriving the survivors of their cultural heritage as well as their homes, lands, houses of worship, and personal properties..

Such serious allegation must be supported by documentary evidence. Nice sentences as if a high school composition, distorting written evidence satisfies only personal egos. An order issued by 3rd Army Commander was instructing Ottoman soldiers “to refrain from using any abusive language to people in process of relocation and to protect all their belongings…or else!” Doesn’t this document totally erase allegations of uprooting, decimation, genocide etc?

“A gross injustice was perpetrated against the Armenian people, which entitles them, as in the case of the Jewish Holocaust, to just compensation for their enormous losses.

War conditions bring their own lack of justice? Did US forces act with justice in WW-II, or Vietnam or Iraq? Did British act with justice to Boers or Indians? Getting on the tail of Jewish Holocaust and hunting for restitutions is the real purpose of this whole mess. The Jews had a Holocaust as asserted by an International Tribunal. What more, Armenian battalions in service of Nazis (some 20.000) were instrumental in rounding up Jews and sending them to death camps. Read chapter 21 of my book with photos etc. Remember your hero Nazi General Kanajan!

“Restitution can take many forms. As an initial step, the Republic of Turkey could place under the jurisdiction of the Istanbul-based Armenian Patriarchate all of the Armenian churches and religious monuments which were expropriated and converted to mosques and warehouses or outright destroyed.

Bad news: All claims of U.S. citizens owing to WW-!, have been settled and paid in full per agreements between USA and Turkey in 1937 relieving of all claims until that time. In 1850, 70% of present Armenia was Muslim and they had their mosques baths, monuments, stores for sure. How many are in existence today? Only one Iranian mosque in Yerevan, with no Muslims left to worship. At present there are over 50 Armenian Churches in Turkey open for service for present Armenian community of some 60.000 Turkish citizens and some 70.000 illegal Armenian workers!

“In the absence of any voluntary restitution by the Republic of Turkey, Armenians could resort to litigation, seeking ‘restorative justice.’

Sure, go ahead apply to international legislation and get your repetitive lesson.

“In considering legal recourse, one should be mindful of the fact that the Armenian Genocide did neither start nor end in 1915.

“Large-scale genocidal acts were committed starting with Sultan Abdul Hamid’s massacre of 300,000 Armenians from 1894 to 1896; the subsequent killings of 30,000 Armenians in Adana by the Young Turk regime in 1909; culminating in the Genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 to 1923; and followed by forced Turkification and deportation of tens of thousands of Armenians by the Republic of Turkey..

For alleged killings in 1896, see chapter 29 of my book, pages 637-644. There are some 40 verbatim excerpts from US newspapers, take the trouble to read and learn! Regarding the great genocide lie, refer to page 303 of my book, see various figures of Armenian population. Most reliable count is of 1.3.1914, French-Armenian Land Distribution committee giving the figure 1.280.000. This figure is close to Ottoman Census and National Geographic figures. Joint US Congress-Senate Resolution No. 192, dated 22.4.1922 resolve that on 31.12.1921 a total of 1.414.000 are alive. I herewith request a written explanation as regards how you can kill 1.5 million out of 1.3 million and have a balance of 1.4 million? Some one is deliberately lying or wrong. WHO? There was never any Turkification except few, that changed religion to escape deportation!

“Most of the early leaders of the Turkish Republic were high-ranking Ottoman officials who had participated in perpetrating the Armenian Genocide. This unbroken succession in leadership assured the continuity of the Ottomans’ anti-Armenian policies.

After Mudros cease Fire and British occupation in early 1919, all archives were combed by Armenian experts and 144 Ottoman dignitaries were imprisoned in Malta, where they were kept for about two years pending “documentary legal evidence”. Nothing was found, and these were released even without an indictment.

The Republic of Turkey, as the continuation of the Ottoman Empire, could therefore be held responsible for the Genocide.

Republic of Turkey is not a continuation of the Ottoman dynasty, it is a revolutionary state and Mustafa Kemal was sentenced to death if he had not succeeded. The Soviet Union is neither the continuation of the Tsarist Russia, it is new revolutionary class.

“An important document, recently discovered in the U.S. archives, provides irrefutable evidence that the Republic of Turkey continued to uproot and exile the remnants of Armenians well into the 1930’s motivated by purely racist reasons. The document in question is a ‘Strictly Confidential’ cable, dated March 2nd, 1934, and sent by U.S. Ambassador Robert P. Skinner from Ankara to the U.S. Secretary of State, reporting the deportation of Armenians.

I am unaware of any such cable by Ambassador Skinner which would be totally paradoxical to his action on page 82-83 of my book (# 76) who was having trouble with the secular education laws of the new republic

“In the 1920’s and 30’s, thousands of Armenian survivors of the Genocide, were forced out of their homes in Cilicia and Western Armenia to locations elsewhere in Turkey or neighboring countries.

US Congress report informs us that 200 to 300.000 Armenians who had returned to Cilicia under British and French occupation, left their homeland with their own wish when the French Forces had to evacuate the region under new agreement with Nationalist Turks in 1921. They were asked to stay because they were the artisans and commercial class, but they decided to go and penalize Turks! Eventually, some of these immigrated to other countries whilst most stayed in Syria and Lebanon and became rich traders. (If they were to remain, possibly they would be still producing pastirma in some village in Turkey) . In 1930’s Turkey was the only country accepting Jews escaping from Nazi regime. Even Einstein had applied for acceptance but there was no job for his high qualities.

In the 1940’s, these racist policies were followed by the Varlik Vergisi, the imposition of an exorbitant wealth tax on Armenians, Greeks and Jews.

In 1940’s when Greeks were starving under German occupation because of famine, economically stricken Turkey with rationed food and shortage of everything, had sent four shiploads of grains and food supplies to Greece. On the fifth trip, the ship sank by storm. Some Greeks aged over 80 of Tsalonica may remember picking up grains that fell from sacks. Armenians, Greeks and Jews, citizens of Turkey were all saved from the horror of war. Economy was totally bankrupt a new tax of wealth had to be (unjustly) levied, these minorities paid more because they were richer than most Turks. However, the members of assessment committees could have done minor personal injustices. Expecting much justice during war ?
I know because I lived those days.

And, during the 1955 Istanbul pogroms, many Greeks as well as Armenians and Jews were killed and their properties destroyed. “This continuum of massacres, genocide and deportations highlights the existence of a long-term strategy implemented by successive Turkish regimes from the 1890’s to more recent times, in order to solve the Armenian Question with finality .

What a tirade of baloney distortions and lies! The 1955 riots was a political stance against Greeks and their desire to get the Cyprus island. The streets riots get out of hand, many stores were damaged but the State later paid the damages. Not a single soul died, the objective were Greek stores, but some Jews and Armenian stores also suffered because the hoodlums did not know the difference. Responsible and decent writers do not have the freedom of fabricating lies and make stories by imagination! Or else, your lies fall short and you are asked to prove by valid documentary evidence that you have spoken truth!

“Consequently, the Republic of Turkey is legally liable for its own crimes against Armenians, as well as those committed by its Ottoman predecessors.

Republic of Turkey or our ancestors the Ottoman Turks, have committed no crimes at all that have been ever judicially proven anywhere. These are shameless and fabricated rumors or slanders sounding as if true!

“Turkey inherited the assets of the Ottoman Empire;

Turkey inherited only debts from the Ottomans for all investments remaining within present borders of the Republic. The last installment of debt was paid in 1952 and everyone French-British-German were paid.

And therefore, it must have also inherited its liabilities.

Sorry, all has been paid! Where were you?

“Finally, since Armenians often refer to their three sequential demands from Turkey: ‘Recognition’ of the Genocide; ‘Reparations’ for their losses; and the ‘Return’ of their lands, Turks have come to believe that once the Genocide is recognized, Armenians will then pursue their next two demands.

Who has given the authority to diaspora Armenians to speak for ALL ARMENIANS, and bring trouble to the decent law abiding Armenians, I have known so many! The whole game is “treasure hunting” or “potorig” to collect money under several excuses, to distribute some, embezzle some. AGBU has embezzled the properties of Istanbul Patriarchate in Cyprus, the court case continues in Paris! There are so many examples of “love of money” of Armenians in my book, all from anti-Turkish foreigners, even American missionaries. There has been a great game of charlatanism behind patriotism, and “panchoonies” brought nothing but disaster to their countrymen and then left them flat and fled to safety! Why did Armen Garo (Pasternmadjian), Andranik and Dro Drastamat Kanajan (heroes of the revolution) left their countrymen flat in 1918 and saved their own lives going to England and USA?

“This is the main reason why Turks adamantly refuse to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. They fear that acceptance of the Genocide would lead to other demands for restitution. They believe that by denying the first demand, they would be blocking the ones that are sure to follow.

Wake up, there is no possibility of any restitution, not even one cent!

“The fact is that, commemorative resolutions adopted by legislative bodies of various countries and statements made on the Armenian Genocide by world leaders have no force of law, and therefore, no legal consequence.

“Armenians, Turks and others involved in this historical, and yet contemporary issue, must realize that recognition of the Armenian Genocide or the lack thereof, will neither enable nor deter its consideration by international legal institutions.

“Once Turkish officials realize that recognition by itself cannot and would not lead to other demands, they may no longer persist in their obsessive denial of these tragic events.

Stomach sickening bragging literature !

“Without waiting for any further recognition, Armenians can pursue their historic rights through proper legal channels, such as the International Court of Justice (where only states have such jurisdiction), the European Court of Human Rights and U.S. Federal Courts. .

Sure, try again The European Court of Justice had ruled against such a demand by G. and S. Krikorian in France on Dec.17, 2003. U.S. Federal Courts are not international; you have to go to International Courts of Justice. Do it!

“Justice, based on international law, must take its course.”

Following an extensive question and answer period, Armenia’s Ambassador to Great Britain, Vahe Gabrieliyan, delivered the closing remarks. Based on the speeches of the two speakers, the BAAPPG issued a statement calling on the British Government to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

Additional Reading Recommended:

Free-Consolation-Versus-Frail. .

Friendly Advice to Adventurers:

Stop these fabrication of lies and collections of new version of “potorig” which you need to distribute and pay with a small portion going to Armenia, where people are not fed with empty words of bragging. Come to sense, don’t give sermons with full stomach to those who need food in Armenia! Turks and Armenians were always good friends with identical sentiments (until the outside major power and internal reckless revolutionaries brought the disasters for which they are holding Turks responsible instead of their own selves)! Armenian people are wise industrious people but few smart pipe blowers, always spread hopes ending with “give on-line money”. Today, it is not the land, but it is the know-how and trade that brings prosperity! Imagine what Germany and Japan would have been economically, if their leaders did not go to war for land expansion! You are on the wrong no-end street, and these lies and fabrications will not bring land, nor money to you. It will only waste the time and life of the suffering average people in Armenia.

My sincere best wishes to decent, realist fellow men who happen to be of Armenian ethnicity, but same blood Rh!

Sukru S. Aya


Conan, Helmond, Noord-brabant, Netherlands said...

You can't built a house without foundation. Armenians try. And will fail.

Mr. Aya, again good work from you! You should get the medal of honour for your efforts defending the Turks against these vilifiers.

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