3070) Famous Armenian-Americans: Tarkanian for Senate: An Armenian-American U.S. Senator & Reader's Comments by Sukru Server Aya

Dear Friends,

In August of 1939, shortly before the implementation of the Holocaust, German dictator Adolf Hitler rhetorically asked of his collaborators: “Who remembers now the extermination of the Armenians?” It is a question which has echoed down the decades and reverberates to this day. . .

On Thursday March 4, 2010 the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed by a one-vote margin H.R. 252, the Armenian Genocide Resolution. It was another historic opportunity for America to utilize its moral authority to recognize events that ended over a million lives and nearly destroyed a people. Predictably however, interest groups opposed to the recognition quickly began disseminating false information and issuing warnings regarding reprisals against both the United States and Armenia. Many members of Congress, even those who have recognized the Genocide, nevertheless urged caution and argued against the resolution - citing both the alleged strategic importance of Turkey and continued unfavorable timing. Moreover, the current administration also weighed in heavily against the resolution with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declaring: “The Obama Administration strongly opposes the resolution that was passed by only one vote in the House committee, and will work very hard to make sure it does not go to the House floor.”

These events, coupled with past disappointments and an historic opportunity have prompted us to write to the community today to urge you to support the campaign of Nevada’s Danny Tarkanian, who is running to become the first ever Armenian-American member of the United States Senate.

We believe that the only way the U.S. Congress will recognize the Genocide, or fight for the issues important to so many Armenian-Americans such as aid to Armenia, and the recognition of Nagorno-Karabagh, is to have an articulate Armenian-American voice in the U.S. Senate. That voice can be Danny Tarkanian.

The son of legendary basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, Danny grew up in an Armenian-American household and remains proud of his Armenian roots. Danny and his family have been deeply involved in the Armenian community in Las Vegas and prior to that in Fresno, California. Professionally, Danny is a talented lawyer and businessman with an exemplary record of public service, and a profound commitment to the future of the Silver State. Personally, Danny takes great pride in his years playing for the University of Nevada – Las Vegas basketball team, which, as point guard, he led to the school’s first ever number one NCAA ranking, while also becoming that school’s first-ever Rhodes Scholar candidate. Danny and his wife Amy live in Las Vegas with their three daughters, Lois, Ava and Ashley and new son, “Jerry Jr.”

As we approach the May 28 anniversary of the founding of the First Republic of Armenia, we are asking that each of you donate $28 or more to Danny’s campaign to become the first Armenian-American U.S. Senator. It is critical that we support Danny's campaign now so that he has the resources he’ll need to compete with his well-financed opponents, particularly in the primary election - now just 36 days away on June 8, 2010. Please make your contribution online here: https://www.icontribute.us/dannytarkanian/initiative/amb and do so before May 15 if possible.

Danny continues to demonstrate growing support in Nevada: being viewed more favorably than any other candidate and having consistently and significantly beaten his general election opponent, Senator Harry Reid, in the last 16 consecutive polls!

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or independent, we hope you will join with us in grasping this historic opportunity – perhaps the best chance in our lifetimes of electing an Armenian-American to the United States Senate.

The time is now. Every single donation will make a real difference for our past, our present and our futures.

Other Famous Armenians

Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation of New York
Richard G. Hovannisian, professor at UCLA
Gregory Adamian, father of Bentley College
Zohrab Kaprelian, executive VP at USC
John Baronian, co-founder of Tufts University
Michael Agbabian, professor at Berkeley
J M Hagopian, professor at University of California
Rachel Gosgarian, professor at Harvard
Daron Acemoglu- economist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carnegie Calian- President of Pittsburgh Theological
Barkev Kibarian- President of Husson University
Robert Mehrabian- President of Carnegie Mellon
Viken Babikian- professor at Boston University School of Medicine

Adrienne Barbeau, 1980s B-movie actress[1] (Armenian mother)
Eric Bogosian, playwright and performance artist
Cher, entertainer (Armenian father)
Mike Connors, television actor
Colton Ford, adult film actor and singer
Arlene Francis, actress (Armenian father)
Michael A. Goorjian, actor and filmmaker
Sid Haig, actor
Kourtney Kardashian, reality television star
Andrea Martin, comedienne
Akim Tamiroff, actor
Ken Davitian, actor, starred in Borat
David Hedison, actor, starring in The Young and the Restless
Val Avery, character actor
Naz Edwards, actress
Eddie Mekka, actor
Sylva Kelegian, actress
Mardik Martin, actor and screenplay writer of Martin Scorsese
Andrea Ajemian- actress, Ruthland USA
Janeen Krikorian- actress
Nora Armani- actress, Voisins, voisins
Araxi Arslanian- actress
Steven artenian- actor, Life as a House
Christopher Avesian- actor, Collision
June Baboian- stage actor
Brian Bagdasarian- actor, Straight out of Compton
Richard Bakalyan- actor
Garen Boyajian- actor
Greg Chillingarian- actor. Harry Potter
Caroline De Mirjian- Actress
Ara Demirjian- actor, Extermination
Gregory Derelian- actor
Cristina Galstian- actress
Garo Armen- actor
Buck Kartalian- Planet of the Apes, 1972
Dan janjigian- actor
Alex Kolognomos- actor Sideways
Rupert Simonian- actor, Peter Pan
Sevan Adriana- actor, Law and Order
Sona Tatoyan- actress
Lanie Kazan- actor
Frankie Kazarian- actor
Soseh Kevorkian- actress
Karen Kondazian- actor
Richard Leone- actor
Richelle Konian- actress
Andrew Magarian- actor
Vachik Mangassarian- actor
Paul Meshejian- actor
Tom Mardirossian- actor
Michael Markarian- actor
Stephen Markarian- actor
Tatiana Simonian- actress
Mat Simonian- actor
Anahid Sahrik- actress
Kev Orkian- actor
Matte Osian- actor
Rafael Petrossian- actor

Kirk Kerkorian, Billionaire and majority stock owner of MGM Mirage
Carol Black, CEO and President of Lifetime Entertainment Services
Robert Zildjian, Founder of Sabian Cymbals
Avedis Zildjian, Founder of Zildjian
Alex Manoogian, Founder of Masco Corporation
Granger K. Costikyan, long partner of Brown Brothers Harriman
Greg Costikyan, game designer
Richard Donchian, pioneer finansist
Alex Seropian, Founder of Bungie Studios
Vahan Janjigian, Senior VP and Executive Director of Forbes
Vartan Gregorian, President of Carnegie Corporation
Richard Manoogian, CEO and Director of Masco Corporation and JP Morgan
Tro Piliguian, Chairman of Ogilvy
Alex Yemenidjian, Former CEO and Chairman of MGM Studios
Robert Papazian, Producer and CEO of Sunset Gower Studios
Mark Hoplamazian, CEO and President of Global Hyatt
Ronald Hoplamazian, Vice President, GE Capital General Electric
David Shakarian, ounder of General Nutrition Centres
Ed Eskandarian, CEO of Arnold Worldwide Partners
Pike Aloian, Managing Partner at Rothschild
Deran Hintlian, Founder of Deran Confectionary, part of NECCO
Georgy Vahanian, Adviser at Merrill Lynch
Janet Sarkissian-Wagner, Vice Chair of Estee Lauder
Emmanuel Chividjian, SVP at Ruder Finn
Sarkis Colombossian, founder of Colombo yogurt, part of Gneral Mill
Craigie Zildjian, CEO of Zildjian
Jack Bedrossian, Co-founder of Tenet Healhcare Inc
Garo Armen, CEO of Antigenics Inc
James Batmasian, property developer
Avo Uvezian, Founder of AVO cigars
Paul Garmirian, Founder of PG cigars
Stephen Mugar, Founder of Star Markets Supermarkets,part of Shaw
Paul Korian, Co-Founder of Staples
Chuck Bilezikian, Founder of Christmas Tree Shops Inc
Peter Paul Halijian, Founder of Peter Paul, part of Hersey Company
James M. Kalustian, VP at Fair Isaac Corporation , NYSE listed
Raffi M. Kassarjian, Vice President, Innovation Management of Fair Isaac Corporation
Asbed B. Zakarian, Founder of Wirefab Inc
Adam Kablanian, Chairman of Virage Logic Corporation, Nasdaq listed
Yervant Zorian, Chief Scientist at Virage Logic Corporation
Aram Bassenian, Chairman of American Institute of Architects,
Arthur Seredian, President and CEO of Falcon® Electric, Inc
Michael Haratunian, Chairman of the Board of STV Group, Nasdaq listed
Sam Kazarian, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Operations atAdaptec IncNasdaq listed
Levon Kazarian, Vice President - Commodities Department of Morgan Stanley
John Sahag, celebrity hair stylist
Aram G. Garabedian, Director of NBTY, Inc, NYSE listed
James Tufenkian, Carpet magnate
Christopher Garabedian, Vice President, Global Marketing of Glide farmastuticals
John Dikran Balian, Vice President and Worldwide Head of Project Planning at Pfizer
JC Agajanian, former owner of Ascot Park
Yervant Demirjian, Director and a Board Member of Interaudi Bank New York
Nazareth A. Festekjian, Managing Director of Fixed Income Division at Citigroup
Berge Papazian, Director and Corporate Secretary of Burger King, Canada
Steve Papazian, President, Worldwide Physical Production,at Warner Bros
Khajak Keledjian, CEO of Intermix boutiques
John Ohanesian, President and CEO of Bosley
James Markarian, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Informatica
Joe Markarian, Chairman of SBC, Nasdaq listed
Edward R. Najarian, Analist at Merrill Lynch
Mark Najarian, VP of Cargo of American airlines
Lois Najarian, SVP at Epic Records
Jack G. Najarian, Chairman and CEO of Weatherly International PLC
Sean Mikaelian, former Vice President and General Manager of Flint Ink Corporation
Cyrus Melikian, Founder of Automatic Brewers & Coffee Devices , Inc.
Elie S. Akilian, CEO of Inet Technologies,Nasdaq listed
Ed Odjaghian, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Profitline Inc
Robert Kafafian, former VP of Bank of New York
Paul Kalenian, CEO of X Café LLC
Steven A Kandarian, Executive VP/Other Executive Officer of MetLife, Incorporated
Ann Marie Kohlligian, Vice President of Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco
Mark E. Levonian, Vice President of Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco
Vaughn Koshkarian, Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor, China
Blake Krikorian, CEO Sling Media
Michael Mahdesian, Chairman of the Board of Servicon Systems, Inc
David Pagoumian, CEO and President of NAPCO LLC
Kevin Bartanian, President of Citi-Mobile
Mark Keshisian, carpets magnate
George Mardikian, Founder of Omar Khayaam Restaurant
Leo Chaloukian, Chair Appointee of Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Janet Janjigian, Senior VP of Corporate Communications at MGM Studios
George Krikorian, cinema chain owner
Charles Ghalian, CEO and President of Tarrant Apparel Group
Charles Agemian, former executive VP of operations of Chase Manhattan Bank
Ruben Terzian, famous toy designer
Martin A. Chooljian,, former tresure of Litton
John Bogosian, co-founder of Aspire Group
Brian A. Bogosian, CEO, Chairman and President of Visto
Richard J Aslanian, VP of Goldman Sachs
Rebecca Shaghalian, Managing Director of Merrill Lynch
Gregory M. Terzian, Senior Developer, Scream And Fly Performance Powerboating Magazine
Jasmine Madatian, Senior vice president at Paramount Pictures
Kirk Kazazian, one of the 10 top Day Traders at NYSE
Charles Momjian, retired executive of Ford
Kevork Toroyan, Board member of Consolidated Contractors Company
Raffi Festekjian, CEO and co- founder of PCi Corporation
Gerard Cafesjian, entrepreneur
Zaven P Akian, CEO of Western Filter, world's leader in filtration technology
Dennis Chookaszian, former CEO and Chairman of CNA Financial Corporation
Papken Der Torossian, CEO of SVG Inc.
Aram Minasian, CEO and founder of Bergensons Property Services, Inc
Jack Berberian, owner of Jons Marketplace
Theodore Abajian, executive VP and CFO of CKE Restaurant Group
Kirk S. Hachigian, Chairman, CEO and President of Cooper Industries, NYSE listed
Paul Kazarian, former investment banker at Goldman Sachs
Jack Medzorian, former CEO of Baird Corporation
Sam Simonian- Chairman of Inet Technologies Inc
Ian Bremmer- President and founder of Eurasia Group, entrepreneur
Michael Markarian, executive vice president of the Humane Society of the United States
Ira Stephanian- former CEO and Chairman of Bank of Boston Corporation
Edward Bastian- SVP and CFO of Delta Airlines
George J Mason- Senior Managing Partner at Bear, Stearns & Co
David Mugar- entrepreneur
Gregory Parshegian- former Chairman of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Sarkes Terzian- engineer and broadcaster
Vasken Setrakian- managing parther at Brown Brothers Harriman
Roger Tamraz- financier and oil magnate, founded Tamoil

Directors and Producers
Howard Kazanjian, "In order to see films of quality produced or directed by Armenians in America, we must turn our attention to the new generation whose members have studied cinematography in the best American universities. Among the best-known producers are Howard Kazanjian with The Return of the Jedi..."
Rouben Mamoulian, "The son of Armenian parents, Mamoulianâs father, Zachary, was a bank president in Tiflis, Georgia who served with distinction in the Russian Army in World War I. He lived a long, rewarding life and reached the age of 100. Mamoulianâs mother, the former Virginia Kalantarian, was for many years President of the Armenian Theater in Tiflis."
Steven Zaillian, "Zaillian, whose background is Armenian, lives in Los Angeles..."
Deran Sarafian, director of CSI Miami, 8 episodes, 2002-2004
Carla Garapedian, filmmaker
Hughes Brothers, directors
Craig Piligian, producer
Arthur Sarkissian, "Producer of movies such as Rush Hour" - producer
Sam Nazarian, producer
Alek Keshishian, director of Bed with Madonna
Alexis Alexanian, producer, The Hottest State
Arbi Asadourian, producer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Gary Basmajian, producer for Hard Copy
Laura Bernieri, co-produced Next Stop Wonderland
Ted Bogosian, director of Anatomy of a 'Homicide: Life on the Street,TV, 1998
Janace Tashjian, associate producer of Law And Order, TV,1990
Michael Agbabian, producer Happy Hour
Katherine Sarafian, assistant producer of The Incredibles, 2004
Anahid Nazarian, produced films for Francis Ford Coppola
Armen Kazazian, director
Denis Chamian- casting director of Lake House
Shannon Makhanian- casting director
Valerie Mccaffrey- casting director of Meet Me in Miami

Janet Shamlian, news correspondent for NBC
David Ignatius, associated editor of Washington Post
Philip Terzian, editor at Weekly Standard
Anita Vogel, news reporter for Fox News Channel
Armen Keteyian, reporter
Matt Vasgersian, sportcastercaster and host
Roger Tatarian, senior VP of United Press International
Nicolas Kristof, correspondent of New York Times
Tim Kurkjian, reporter at ESPN
Sergey Dovlatov, columnist ,contributed to New Yorker
John Garabedian, radio personality , host of Open House Party
Michael J. Arlen, author and former staff writer for The New Yorker (Armenian father)
Ben Bagdikian, former editor in chief of Washington Post
Stephen Kurkjian, editor of Boston Globe
Paul Chaderjian, broadcast journalist
Eleeza Agopian, editor in chief of The Daily Californian
Adriana Avakian, director, marketing and licensing at United Press International
Leo Sarkissian, radio host of Voice of America
Mike Ozanian, senior editor at Forbes
Gerald Cafesjian, former SVP at West Publishing
Barry Zorthian, vice president of Time Inc retired
Joan Agadjanian Quinn, writes for Art Talk
Charles Mathesian, editor of The Almanac of American Politics
Dareh Gregorian- reporter of New York Post
Ara Ayer- associate producer for NBC News

Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party
George Duran, chef and entertainer
Ronald Dzerigian, artist
Charlie Papazian, founded the Association of Brewers
Mark Geragos, defense attorney
Arshile Gorky, painter
Sako Shahinian, illustrator
Robert Kardashian, defense attorney
Alex Manoogian, businessman/philantropist
Monte Melkonian, military commander in the Nagorno-Karabakh war
Eric Bazilian, songwriter
Tonio K, famous songwriter
François K, famous New York based DJ, played at Ministry of Sound
Michael Omartian, produced Donna Summer
Haig Patigian, sculptor
Hovsep Pushman, painter
Ruben Gregorian, conductor
Jason Mahakian, modelmaker of Spiderman
Ray ****, designer
Yvette Nelson, model
Kelly Kole, model
Leon Danielian, artistic director of American Ballet Theatre

Anahid Ajemian, violinist
Maro Ajemian, pianist
Charles Amirkhanian, composer
George Avakian, Columbia Records executive
Ross Bagdasarian, record producer and songwriter, also known as David Seville of The Chipmunks
Cathy Berberian, composer; singer
Ara Berberian, operatic singer
John Berberian, oud player and rock/jazz fusion musician
Cher "To understand why Cher undertook this journey, it helps to remember that behind the leather and lace costumes and the club-scene poses, she is still Cherilyn Sarkisian, the only black-haired member in a family of Southern California blonds. Cher, who grew up with one half sister, is the daughter of a mother, Georgia, with Irish, English, German and Cherokee bloodlines, and a father, John, whose parents left Armenia after the Armenian Genocide which was conducted by the Ottoman Turks in which an estimated 1.5 million Armenians perished."
John Dolmayan, System of a Down drummer
Richard Hagopian, musician
Alan Hovhaness, composer (Armenian father)
Ani Kavafian, violinist
Ida Kavafian, violinist
Daron Malakian, System of a Down guitarist and vocalist
Shavo Odadjian, System of a Down bassist
Harout Pamboukjian, pop singer
Leon Redbone, jazz and blues artist
Derek Sherinian, keyboardist with KISS
Serj Tankian, System of a Down vocalist
Kallen Esperian, singer performed at Metropolitan Opera
Ivan Galamian, violin teacher
Armand Tokatyan, singer at Metropolitan Opera
Paul Motian, famous jazz musician
Ara Babajian, drummer of Slackers
Dennis Agajanian, singer
Hasmik Papian, singer at Metropolitan Opera
Lucie Amara, singer of Metropolitan Opera
Kay Armen, singer in musicals
John Baboian, guitarist/composer
John Bilezikjian, world renowned oudist and composer
Armen Chakmakian, keyboardist of Shadowfax
Barry Danielian, jazz musician
Maro Partamian, singer
Paolo Ananian, singer of Metropolitan Opera
Lillie Chookasian, singer of Metropolitan Opera
Gegam Gregorian, singer of Metropolitan Opera
Richard Aslanian, director of Opera at Baylor University

Alexandra Avakian, works have been published in The New York Times Magazine
Nubar Alexanian, documentary photographer
Harry Koundakjian, chief hotographer of Associated Press
Garo Lachinian, photographer at Boston Herald

Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party
Adam Benjamin, Democratic Congressman (Armenian mother)
Albert A. Boyajian, business leader and activist for Armenian causes
George Deukmejian, Republican politician
Anna Eshoo, Democratic Congresswoman (Armenian mother)
Samuel Der-Yeghiayan, United States federal judge
Edward Djerejian, former U.S. diplomat
Howard Kaloogian, Republican politician
Greg Aghazarian, California assemblyman
Paul Krekorian, senator of California State Senate
Mark Krikorian, activist for stricter immigration laws
Charles Poochigian, Republican politician
Jackie Speier, Democratic politician
John Sweeney, Congressman
Joe Simitian, senator California State Senate
Larry Zarian, former mayor of Glendale
Paul Ignatius, Secretary of Navy under Kennedy Administration
Marvin R. Baxter, associate justice at Supreme Courte of California
Gregory Djerejian, term member of Council on Foreign Relations
Edward P. Djerejian, former high ranking deplomat
Steven Boghos Derounian, former Congressman from New York
Peter Koutoujian, assemblyman of Massachusett Assembly
Samuel Mardian Jr, former mayor of Phoenix, Arizona
Robert Charles Mardian, former Assistant attorney general and Nixon official
Dikran Tevrizian, Federal court judge
Joe Bogosian, deputy assistant Secretary for Manufacturing
Armand Arabian, justice of Supreme Court of California
George Keverian, Massachusetts House Speaker
Jacqueline Chooljian, judge at United Magistrate Judge
Kenneth Khachigian, senior adviser of White House,under Nixon
Larry A Burns, federal judge
John Jamian, U.S. Deputy Maritime Administrator
Bill Paparian, former mayor of Pasadena, California
Richard C. Amerian, former associate justice California Court of Appeal
Garabed "Chuck" Haytaian, former speaker of New Jersey Assembly
Maral Injejikin, Superior Court Judge
Ruth Essegian, L.A. Superior Judge
Joe Kelegian, mayor of Solana Beach
Aram Serverian, Judge, San Monteo County
Walter Karabian, former assemblyman of California Assembly
Paul Hokokian, Vice President of Caifornia State Bar
Lisa Kalustian, Chief Deputy Director of Governor's office of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter M. Kougasian, Assistant District Prosecutor of NYC
Richard Giragossian, liaison to CIA
Charles Momjian, former U.S. representative at UN
Linda Melconian- state senator

George Adomian, mathematician
Armen Alchian, economist
James P. Bagian, astronaut
Raymond V. Damadian, MRI Pioneer
Jack Kevorkian, pathologist
Leonid Khachiyan, mathematician
Robert Nalbandyan, chemist
Luther George Simjian, inventor
Varaztad Hovhannes Kazanjian, plastic surgeon
Aram Chobanian, Dean of School of medicine at Boston University
Viken Babikian, professor at Boston University
Alex Sevanian, molecular pharmacologist, pioneer in free radical research
Avadis Tevanian, operating systems researcher
Michael Ter-Pogossian, co-developer in positron emission tomography
Karl K. Turekian, world renowned geochemist
Dr. George Aghaganian, psychopharmacologist, Yale University
Dr. Albert Kapikian, pharmacologist, pioneer in allergy and asthma research
John Kebabian, psychopharmacologist and pioneer in dopamine receptor research
Stephen S. Ariyan, professor of plastic surgery at Yale
Jack Keverian, metallurgist
Richard Shahinian, acoustics master

Tatev Abrahamyan, (1988 - ) youngest top rated U.S. woman's chess player[16]
Ben Agajanian, (1919 - ) pro football kicking ****. Kicked for the 1956 NFL Champion New York Giants. Played from the 1940s through the mid 1960s, kicking for the now-defunct All America Football Conference, the American Football League and the National Football League. Coached kicking for Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys for 24 years.
Andre Agassi, tennis (Armenian father)
Hakop Chouldjian, softball legend
Alecko Eskandarian, (1982 - ) professional soccer player in Major League Soccer, playing for D.C. United[17]
Andranik Eskandarian, soccer
Chuck Essegian, baseball player, Member of 1959 World champion L.A. Dodgers.
Tim Kurkjian, ESPN analyst
Vanes Martirosyan, boxer
Karo Parisyan, mixed martial arts fighter
Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame head football coach
Jerry Tarkanian, college basketball coach
Garo Yepremian, NFL kicker 1966-1981; a member of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins team.
Jim Essian, former couch of Chicago Cubs
Fred Agabashian, racer
Gokor Chivichyan, judoist
Yura Movsisyan, footballer of Kansas City Wizards
Brian Goorjian, coach of Sydney Kings
Frankie Kazarian, top wrestler
Steve Bedrosian, former player of Minnesota Twins
Zaven Yaralian, former second couch of New York Giants
Pete Mangurian, offensive line couch of New York Giants
Sean Yacoubian, kickboxer
Rein Long, player of Tennessee Titans
Rex Kalamian, assistant couch of Minnesota Timberwolves
Berj Najarian, director football/head coach administration of New England Patriots

Ben Bagdikian, political writer
Peter Balakian, poet, writer and academic
David Barsamian, radio broadcaster and writer
Rick Bayan, humorist, essayist and webmaster
Chris Bohjalian, novelist
Arthur Nersesian, novelist, playwright, and poet
Amy Ouzoonian, poet, playwright, journalist and artist
A. I. Bezzerides, novelist
Gary Braver, fiction writer
Michael Casey, poet
Aram Saroyan, internationally acclaimed novelist
Nancy Kricorian, writer of Zabelle
George Ouzounian (Maddox), operator of The Best Page in the Universe
William Saroyan, author
Carla Sinclair, writer (Armenian father)
Marla Sloane, founder of the Armenian History and Awareness Foundation
Adam Bagdasarian, writer of Forgotten Fire
Harry Barba, publisher and writer of what's Cooking in Congress
Carol Edgarian, writer of Rise the Euphrates
Laura Kalpakian, writer

Famous Turkish Americans
Z.. Kebab Shop Owner NewYork
Y.. Kebab Restaurant Manager Greenwich
Turkish Coffee Shop Manager Brooklyn
Turkish Hammam Owner, Boston
Readers Comments by Sukru Server Aya



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