3294) Memorandum Presented To Council Of The League Of Nations By Armenian Delegation To Lausanne Conference, 2 Feb 1923

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Documents from the United Nations Library, Geneva;
League of Nations Archives Collections

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Comments by Sukru Server Aya

Armenian deaths 1914 - 1923 - Memorandum Presented To The Council Of The League Of Nations By The Armenian Delegation To The Lausanne Conference, 2 February 1923 (Thanks to Truck Turkey)

League of Nations Archives - Geneva (By Bernhardine Pejovic)
(Courtesy Truck Turkey)

Verbatim excerpt from the last line of page 3 to the first 8 lines of page 4 :

“Memorandum presented to the council of League of Nations by the Armenian Delegation”

There are now about 700.000 Armenian refugees in the outlying countries, of these 345.000 Armenians are in different parts of the Caucasus, 95.000 in Syria, 120.000 in Greece, in the islands and Macedonia, 40.000 in Bulgaria and occidental Thrace, 50.000 in Persia, and the rest dispersed here and there, not to mention about 110.000 orphans who are providentially receiving aid from the American Near East Relief

  1. When adding up the figures, it gives the total of 760.000 Armenians alive in Feb.1923!

  2. Boghos Nubar Pasha had indicated this figure as 700.000 to the French Government.

  3. The figure of living Armenians at the end of 1921, as per Near East Relief Report (22.4.1922) is 1.414.000


Since the population in 1914 was less than 1.300.000, above memorandum confirms that:

a. Deaths of 1.500.000 Armenians is an impossible gigantic palaver belied by themselves!

b. The estimate of about 560.000 to 580.000 by Justin McCarthy (and my last book) for all reasons, is correct!. This includes 195.000 Armenians who died under the Dashnakist Republic, May 1918 to December 1920, as well as those who died after the Mudros Ceasefire of 30.10.1918, when the Empire entered under occupation of the victors!

Sukru S. Aya, Istanbul 26.07.2011



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