3569) Armenian Circle Of Deception

Ref. 10: Bulletin No.4, April 5, 1916: “Latest News Concerning the Armenian and Syrian Sufferers”. “We can estimate the number of survivors today at between 1.150.00 and 1.200.00 (This is contradicted by the Hearing of US Congress June 21, 1916, further down) (NER final Balance Report 31.12.1921 gave the number of survivors as 1.414.000) (Joint French-Armenian Land Distribution Commission Report (March 1, 1914) had declared total Armenians within the Empire under 1.280.000

. . .

10 Vartan's Appeal 400.000 Children starving in Bible Lands, -Make Checks payable to American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief

Ref. 11: Bulletin No. 5, “Latest News Concerning the Armenian & Syrian Sufferers” May 24, 1916 This report shows 780.000 refugees living in parts of Turkey.

11 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.I Jun25,1918 No.14

Ref. 12; Special Bulletin with headings: "The Most Terrible Winter the World has Ever Known … More than a million in Bible Lands Starving or on the Verge of Starvation – AID from Turkish Government Impossible – American Charity Their Only Hope… Latest Cablegrams and Reports!…" News that 2000 Greeks were reported from Marmara Sea shore villages… No explanation why: There were 3 French, 3 British and “Australian Submarine which entered this closed sea and sank more than 31 ships, boats carrying goods, soldiers etc. These submarines were secretly supplied with food and water by Greek villagers in the area. This is the reason why they were deported!

12 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.II Nov1918 No.6

Ref. 13: “ Vartan’s Appeal” A bulletin prepared for propaganda and dramatization for children saying that 400.000 children starving in Bible Lands. (Given the total number of refugees, it is impossible that 400.000 are children. The final NER Balance Sheet Report had given the number of surviving children, nearly half in Turkish orphanages as 114.000.)

Now, let me expose the enormous size and depth of money swindling directly by the US Government chartered organizations to aid Armenians, taking the donors to be complete fools because of their stupid mistakes made in their collection posters. These are also given in my book Armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2012/11/3379-book-review-preposterous-paradoxes.html
I do not think I need to add anything because the DECEIPT posters and documents speak truth.

September 24, 1916 Toledo – Ohio
This is the Annual Report for the whole World. Pages 73-101 cover Turkey. It was prepared shortly after the relocations and alleged massacres should have ended by the end of 1915. It was written by missionaries who had come from Turkey. This report is available on internet; it does not include a negative word about Turks or any massacres etc. Did the Protestant Missionaries hide anything from their Board?

How Good Hearted Peoople Were Brain Washed To Donate To Aid Christianity 2 by Sukru Aya

13 The Most Terrible Winter The World Has Ever Known -Extracts From Latest Cablegrams and Reports -American Committee - Near East Relief

14 Conference Report NewYork, Sep 19-20 -Attended By US Gov, Former Ambassadors To Turkey, Consular Agents, American Colleges Teachers In Turkey -American Committee For Armenian And Syrian Relief

15 Report of Auditing Committee 4Jun1918

Commentary By Sukru Server Aya

Documents Kindly Provided by TruckTurkey



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