3568) How Good Hearted People Were Brain Washed To Donate To Aid Christianity

Commentary by Sukru Server Aya

We have at hand some fifteen “News Bulletin” of the “American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief”, which by August 6, 1918 Congress incorporated the committee as the Near East Relief ,n official approval of the NER’s efforts to organize food.

In the August Posting # 3567, I had commented only on the most important of these Bulletins. Now I would like to “round up these Bulletins” with very short notes about their contents. In principle I am not for or against “decent missionaries of their faiths”! I was lucky to be educated by some of these honorable missionaries, quite a number of which rest in Istanbul Protestant Cemeteries and for which I had organized in the past memorial visits and church ceremonies with graduate friends. I think that readers enlightened by sufficient knowledge and intelligence, will detest the sufferings and blood baths made in the name of GOD (the merciful or revengeful)? It suffices to see what is going on today by Islamist fanatics, or remember other cases of the Thirty Years Wars, or myth of Catholic Pope Joan or Protestant Jim Jones and the end of his People’s Temple and followers!

. . .

Unfortunately Religious leaders, rather than speaking peace, compassion and logic, they recklessly make speeches and declarations on historical subjects which are not their proficiency nor authority or business.
and note the solidarity of Catholics (Pope), German Protestant Priest (President) and the Armenian Gregorian Patriarch.)

To have a better look in the subject of the “Armenian Genocide – Braveries – Relief Works and consequences”, see

http://www.rockarch.org/publications/resrep/miglio.pdf .

This Doctorate thesis has sentences such as: […the Armenians captured American imaginations… U.S. cultural and political elites took up the humanitarian cause in the name of their “Christian” citizenship… with solemn vows of the American Christian’s duty to protect the poor, starving Armenians… it was the sacred duty of Christian civilization to save Armenia…Fundraisers and relief workers claimed that America’s relief efforts would transform the Holy Land because Armenians would be redeemed as they were modernized and Americanized.]

02 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.IV July1919 No.2 Total No.26
Ref 02: Vol. II, November 1918, No. 6: Call of Chairman James Barton for $ 30 million. Dramatization of Armenians; 600 US magazines have offered free space for articles on Armenia. Ambassador Morgenthau’s article in “November Good Housekeeping” magazine describing massacres and deportations! (Note: Morgenthau was in service from Nov. 1913 to Feb. 1, 1916. He had taken a trip to Egypt and Palestine for one month with Lord Bryce; otherwise he never went out of Istanbul, saw no massacres or deportations; he did not even visit one Christian Church or museums. His book “Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story” has been directly belied by his own hand written Diary released lately. Reference to “photo-play produced to enlist sympathy to show extensively in 50 cities” Further down see some of the Posters prepared by NER and Morgenthau and see the magnitude of lies to the contributors who were indoctrinated to give more and more.)

02 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.IV July1919 No.2 Total No.26

Ref.03: Vol. III January 1919, No.8 : Information that S/S ADVANCE GUARD set sail on Jan.4,1919 from New York with army of peace to conquer famine and death! List of US States with projected collections! Relief ship MERCURIUS sailed on January 16th carrying 100 motor trucks, 36 motor cars, 20 motorcycles, 50 ambulances, 4.5 million yards of cloth, 100 blankets, 50.000 pr. shoes, 100 case refugee clothing, 10.000 cans condensed milk. "…With the Allies now in possession of Dardanelles and the power of the Sublime Porte…"

03 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.III Jan1919 No.8 Total No.20

Ref. 04: Vol. III, February 1919, No. 9: Photo showing nine doctors as “Medical Force” leaving for Turkey; entire medical unit has 37 members. News on $ 30 million collection, example Ohio quota was $ 1.640.000 they collected $ 2 million.

04 Latest News Concerning the Armenian and Syrian Sufferers Apr5, 1916, Bulletin No.4

Ref. 05: Vol. III, March 1919, No. 11: Photo of a very large poster used in Arizona for the $ 30 million Relief sent to Port Sait (British control). List of contributors and news on the ship sailing for Beirut on February 19 (British occupation)!

05 Latest News Concerning the Armenian and Syrian Sufferers May24, 1916, Bulletin No.5

Ref.06: Vol. III, April 1919, No.11: A photo of few persons tilling the land shown under the heading 1Not Gardens, but Graves”; the photo looked like persons clearing small stones from the field to be tilled. Call for $ 30 million. Photo of “Sunday School Commission” which sailed on Match 15 for the Near East! (Note: The Ottoman Empire had surrendered on October 30, 1918 (not mentioned) and was un der control of the winners.

06 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.III May1919 No.12 Total No.24

Ref. 07: Vol. III, May 1919, No. 12: News on S/S Newport News which sailed from New York for Constantinople. This is the eighth relief contingent. 200 persons also sent ti serve distribution. Photos of dignitaries Mr/Mrs Cleveland H. Dodge, Dr. McCullum, Mr. Charles Vickrey as passengers!

07 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.III Apr1919 No.11 Total No.23.pdf

Ref. 08: Vol. IV, July 1919, No.2: Bulletin prepared for propaganda using photos of orphans…

08 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.III Mar1919 No.10 Total No.22

Ref.09: “Western Asia Today” A survey: This document refers to a two-day conference held in New York on September 19-20 (probably 1918) attended by 192 persons. The report shows 3.950.000 refugees in Asia Minor, Caucasus, Syria and Mesopotamia, Palestine and Egypt of which at least 935.000 are within reach of the NER Agents

09 News Bulletin American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief Vol.III Feb1919 No.9 Total No.21

Documents Kindly Provided by TruckTurkey


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