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armenia © This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com Country is accused of providing weapons to Iran that were later used to kill U.S. troops.

By Bill Kisliuk, bill.kisliuk@latimes.com,
December 3, 2010 Glendale News Press

Revelations that U.S. officials charged Armenia in 2008 with supplying Iran with weapons later used to kill U.S. troops in Iraq were "enormously troubling," said Rep. Adam Schiff, who has been a staunch supporter of Congress officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

The charges were described in a cable sent from the U.S. embassy in Yerevan that also showed Americans considered sanctions against Armenia and demanded that leaders there impose greater controls on the movement of weapons
. . .

U.S. and Armenian officials declined to discuss the diplomatic cable, part of a cache of 250,000 documents being made public by the website WikiLeaks. Advocates for strong ties between the United States and Armenia said they hoped and expected the memo would not harm relations between the two nations.

Nonetheless, Schiff, a congressional leader who has long advocated for deeper U.S.-Armenia ties, said the allegation in the published cable "is enormously troubling."

According to the Dec. 24, 2008, memo in the cable, then-Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte sent a strongly worded letter to Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian.

Americans alleged that high-level Armenian officials "facilitated Iran's purchase of rockets and machine guns" in 2003. Four years later, some of the weapons were recovered from a site in Iraq where Shia militants killed one U.S. soldier and wounded six others, according to the cable.

"We value our positive relationship with your government as we explore a range of shared interests, especially an agreement on Nagorno Karabakh and normalization of Armenia's relations with Turkey," Negroponte wrote. "At the same time, we are dismayed by a serious and, indeed, deadly arms re-export case."

Officials declined to comment on the memo or whether Armenia acceded to demands for improved security. However, advocates for Armenia in the United States noted that the U.S. never imposed sanctions.

"No sanctions on aid or trade or anything else were put in place," Aram Hamparian, chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, said. "That is the real test of the relationship."

Hamparian is among the advocates for a congressional resolution, introduced by Schiff, condemning the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1915 — an act of Congress that has faltered under pressure from Turkey.

Hamparian said he doubted the cable would affect the fate of the legislation.

"I would hope that there is nobody in the U.S. government who would hold a human rights issue such as the Armenian Genocide resolution hostage," he said.

Van Krikorian, a spokesman for the Armenian Assembly of America, said Armenia has not run afoul of U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, noting that numerous cables dropped by WikiLeaks touch on diplomacy involving Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey, and that overall this "mosaic" indicates Armenia has been a faithful U.S. ally.

"With the U.S., the bonds are unbreakable. You have so many Armenian Americans and people with family connections all over the place," Krikorian said.

In a statement posted after the cable was leaked, the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan said the cables "are often preliminary and incomplete expressions of foreign policy, and they should not be seen as having standing on their own or as representing U.S. policy."


Maxime Gauin December 5, 2010

Mister Kisliuk,

Your article on Armenian sales of weapons to Iran is very useful

However, there is a more than questionable sentence:

“Hamparian is among the advocates for a congressional resolution, introduced by Schiff, condemning the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1915 — an act of Congress that has faltered under pressure from Turkey.”

The “genocide” label for Armenian case is criticized, not only by Turkey and almost all the Turkish historians who worked on this issue, but also by the majority of Western specialists — I does not include, obviously, the self-proclaimed “scholars” who have no degree in history or in political science, who never set foot in an archive and never produce a single study on Armenian history, but sign petitions sponsored by Armenian nationalist organizations. The list include Roderic H. Davison, Gwynne Dyer, Michael M. Gunter, Jacob C. Hurewitz, Bernard Lewis, Guenter Lewy, Andrew Mango, Robert Mantran, Justin McCarthy, Jeremy Salt, Xavier de Planhol, Norman Stone, Stefano Trinchese and Gilles Veinstein (some quotations here .

To impose “genocide” label, Armenian nationalists used violence, including terrorism, and you should know that very well, since three consuls of Turkey in Los Angeles were assassinated by Armenian terrorists (Mehmet Baydar and his deputy Bahadir Demir on January 27, 1973; Kemal Arıkan on January 28, 1982), a record in the world for the same town; the late professor Stanford Jay Shaw, who taught Turkish history at University of California-Los Angeles from 1968 to 1997, was victim of an attempt of assassination (1977), then of death threats and various assaults (1980’s) and finally of a character assassination (1990’s).

In August of this year, the California Prison Parole Board rejected the demand of terrorist Hampig Sassounian, partially because the Assembly of Turkish American Associations demonstrated the lack of remorse of Mr. Sassounian, and the unconditional support, not to say veneration, of Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), which you mention in your article, for the anti-Turkish crime perpetrated by Mr. Sassounian. http://www.ataa.org/press/ATAASuccessfullyOpposesParoleforArmenianTerrorist_prl_080610.html For his safety, the lawyer of Turkish embassy David Saltzman, who argued against the demand of release, had to come to the Parole Board in an armored car, with an escort of police.

In hoping to see more balanced accounts in the future,

Maxime Gauin,
Vice-chairman of Confluence France-Turquie

See The Attachment 1,2,3 At The End Of This Post

leny500 December 07, 2010

4bratts1 - Please enlighten us with your "desperate and pathetic" OPINION of why Armenia is landlocked - and perhaps the reason why you feel that you are an expert on the matter.

4bratts1 December 06, 2010

First, I would like to respond to AlenNersisyan comments regarding all those ignorant people making comments critical of Armenia without even knowing where Armenia is on the map, landlocked with genocidal Turkey to its west which has no diplomatic ties with Armenia. And Azerbaijan to its east with whom Armenia just finished a war with to liberate Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) also with a closed border with Armenia. Stating that Armenia has no choice, what a desperate and pathetic excuse.

Another comment that I found very disturbing, that Armenia didn’t not know that those weapons would end up in the hands of the insurgents, woo. There is a big difference between fighting against the terrorist with us, versus selling weapons to Iran to kill American soldiers. Nothing none of you say can change the facts. You can rant and rave about Turkey and all that nonsense, but with these recent developments, it will be many, many decades before America will ever trust Armenia again.

At least we now know the truth behind why Armenia is landlocked, don’t we.

AlenNersisyan December 9, 2010

What part of "Armenia has troops in Iraq" did you not understand? Its obvious now that you dont like Armenians, you're either a turk or a muslim. Armenia is landlocked because its a Christian country surrounded by muslim countries, of which Turkey and Azerbaijan are enemies. The level of your ignorance amazes me.

AlenNersisyan December 5, 2010

For all those ignorant people making comments critical of Armenia with out even knowing where Armenia is on the map...Armenia is a landlocked country with genocidal Turkey to its west which has no diplomatic ties with Armenia and a closed border and Azerbaijan to its east with whom Armenia just finished a war with to liberate Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) also with a closed border with Armenia, above is Georgia and below is Iran, the only 2 counties with an open order with Armenia and the 2 counties which Armenia has no choice but to have friendly ties with. Iran supplies Armenia with gas, so if Armenia sells arms to Iran, its perfectly normal since the 2 counties have normal ties. Armenia DID NOT know that those weapons would end up in the hands of insurgents. You can only be critical of Armenia if they knowingly sold arms. Armenia has troops in Iraq and is an ally of the US, people need to do a little homework before they jump the gun and make ignorant comments.

HarveyPearson December 4, 2010

With respect to the "Documents critical of Armenia" story by Bill Kisliuk (Dec. 3), it is almost as troubling to read in his report that the Armenian government allegedly gave (sold?) weapons to Iran as it was to read in a prior Glendale News-Press article by Veronica Rocha ("Wilson treaty remains revered (Nov. 22) about how Greg Krikorian, president of the Glendale Unified school board, reportedly said to a Western Armenian Heritage Foundation-sponsored, Glendale Central Library audience recently: "We want our land back. It's our land that they (Turkey) stole from us." Because this would go way beyond getting official U.S. government recognition of the Armenian genocide on the record ("Support remains for resolution", Nov. 18). In fact, it instead smacks of being an irredentist exhortation that could ultimately result in Americans getting entangled in yet another far off belligerency--- if not outright war---in yet another part of the world!

SpeakEnglishOrDie December 3, 2010

Revelations that the U.S. government and its missionaries supplied weapons for the Mexican drug cartels, Colombian drug lords, Kosovo Muslim-Albanian, Afghan Mujahedeen(Taliban), and even Saddam Hussein, have been documented after the birth of the so-called United Nations. However, some Aussie computer geek puts out a load of dog crap on the net and the apparent Jew from Kalamazoo, A.K.A., "Pedro Tacobender-Goldfinger" gets all so fearful of the safety of God's chosen people. Maybe those mercenaries down at homeland security can enlist Adam "Less than Zero" Schiff and the good old rabbi "Pedro El Negro" on a secret mission way down under to help circumcise the tazmanian devil. I think the U.S. forces didn't really mind the weapons coming from Iran or anywhere else since they have successfully eradicated Al-Qaeda from Iraq. Normally I wouldn't read Rabbi Pedro(possible mexican) Goldmember's(possibly jew) post and try to be intellectually stimulated and have a zany time of it. As a matter of fact I put in a glass jar and label it "In Case of Suicidal Depression, Break Glass." And as for a last comment for any future racist ideologues in Glendale, in the immortal words of Ice-T and his band Body Count, " We are here, we ain't going nowhere, we are moving right next door to you, mother*#%&."

ritahosepian December 3, 2010

So what? Iran is our friend, of course we should help them. America is the imperialist, not Iran. I dont understand why Americans try to demonize Iran. It is America that is the imperialist state and the leader of all the wars and devastation in the world.

KARLOW December 3, 2010

Wow...we have people throwing rocks when they live in a glass house! I agree that Armenia selling weapons to Iran which were used against our troops is very wrong. But lets not forget that the US gave/sold weapons to the taliban that are being used against our troops right now! I can name a lot of incidents where the US was the one supplying weapons that were used against us! When we findout that a person/country is doing wrong, we need to take actions to correct it. To make comments like "shame on you for supporting for years those Armenian liars and crooks at all cost" is an ignorant comment! To sit behind a computer and be a "keyboard" bully does not fix the problem, but only makes it worse!

As for the other comment "why am I NOT surprised"....I ask why am I NOT surprised that you would make a comment like that! People are poeple...it does not matter the race, color, gender, etc....there is good and bad in everyone! Name me one race, gender, color that has not done wrong!?! Lets all work together to make this world a better place...not just make ignorant comments online!

4bratts1 December 3, 2010

What needs to happen? Is everyone needs to stop making excuses. Selling weapons to kill American Solders is without question proves Armenia’s loyalty is to the terrorists, not America. The only acceptable response is full sanctions and isolation, the same sanctions our country has placed on North Korea and Iran should immediately be applied to Armenia without delay. Including a complete reversal of all monetary aid, trade and travel. It’s time for every American to demand that our representatives in Washington, send Armenia the response they deserve, without delay.

absolutetoolbar December 3, 2010

Armena also has troops helping US in Iraq.

4bratts1 December 3, 2010

A crock of crap

KARLOW December 3, 2010

Wow....people in glass houses should not throw rocks! I agree that Armenia selling weapons to Iran that was used to kill our troops is wrong! Shame on the leaders of Armenia...But lets not forget that we gave/sold weapons to the Taliban that are now being used agains our troops!

To say "shame on you for supporting for years those Armenian liars and crooks" is ignorant! Every country...including the US has done or doing things that are wrong! When we findout that something wrong was done, we should take actions to correct it. Not have keyboard bullies like you just make ignorant comments on a website!

As for the other comment "why am I not surprised"....I ask why am I NOT surprised that you would make a comment like that!

Rabbi Pedro Goldstein AM December 3, 2010

Why am I NOT surprised?

Attachment 1 ( http://www.ataa.org/press/ATAASuccessfullyOpposesParoleforArmenianTerrorist_prl_080610.html)
ATAA Assures California Prison Parole Board
Denies Parole to Armenian Terrorist Sassounian

On August 4, 2010, the California Prison Parole Board denied Armenian terrorist, Hampig Sassounian, parole. The Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), representing over 500,000 Turkish and Turkic Americans nationwide, participated in the hearing, submitting a Statement in Opposition to the Parole of Sassounian. Click here to read the ATAA's statement and here to read the supporting documents.

The ATAA actively participates in judicial processes to support the conviction and sentencing of terrorists with a view toward achieving complete justice for the victims. ATAA is pleased that Sassounian was denied parole, as he and his followers continue to be a threat to the public. ATAA will appear at Sassounian's next parole hearing in 2013 to make sure that he remains behind bars for life.

Sassounian is serving a life sentence for the racist and political assassination of Turkish Consul General Kemal Arikan on January 28, 1982 in Los Angeles. The first attempt on Mr. Arikan's life occurred on October 6, 1980, when Hampig Sassounian's older brother, Harout Sassounian, fire-bombed the Consul General's home. Harout Sassounian was convicted of the attempted killing. Two years later, Hampig Sassounian and his accomplice Krikor Saliba massacred Mr. Arikan just outside of his residence as he waited in his vehicle at a traffic light. Their reason was that they hate Turks. LAPD captured Sassounian shortly after the killing. Sassounian's father stated on national television that he was glad that a Turk was killed. LAPD searched Sassounian's automobile, seizing a .357 caliber bullet and a one-way airline ticket from Los Angeles to Beirut. LAPD also searched Sassounian's home, where they seized a gun receipt, pistol targets, and a manifesto of "The Armenian Youth Federation." Federal authorities connected Sassounian and Saliba to the Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide (JCAG) terrorist group, which recruited members from the Armenian Youth Federation. JCAG serves as the militant wing of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) political party in Armenia, whose foreign agent in the United States is the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). ANCA is represented in California by ANC Western Region in Glendale. Hampig Sassounian bears an ARF tattoo on his chest. It should be noted that Sassounian's partner, Saliba, fled to Beirut shortly after the assassination, in response to which Turkish and Israeli intelligence joined efforts to uproot Armenian terrorist camps in Lebanon.

The ATAA's statement was the first appearance of a Turkish American organization at a parole hearing of an Armenian terrorist. In 2000, the ATAA also appeared at the criminal sentencing of Mourad Topalian, the former chairman of ANCA who was convicted of weapons and explosives charges which federal authorities connected to at least four terror attacks on American soil.

On behalf of the ATAA Board of Directors, I thank ATAA Western Region VP Maria Cakırağa for submitting the ATAA's statement on behalf of the citizens of California. I thank ATAA legal intern, Ozlem Eskicioğlu, and research assistant, Duygu Ozcan, for their tireless research and technical support. The LAPD required the provision of bullet-proof vehicles, followed and lead by several secret service vehicles during the trip to San Luis Obispo Prison, indicating the threat level of modern Armenian political violence. Though Sassounian's lawyer, Michael Geragos degraded ATAA at the hearing, Parole Commissioner Peppler expressed that the ATAA's Statement provided a much necessary history of Armenian terrorism and political violence. I take special note here that based on ATAA's information and belief, the Armenian Republic submitted to the Parole Board a statement in support of Hampig Sassounian, including providing him Armenian citizenship and a residence in Armenia. By doing so, the Armenian Republic supported terrorism and undermined rapprochement.

ATAA thanks District Attorney Pat Sequeira and LAPD for standing steadfast against the parole of Hampig Sassounian and Armenian terrorism.

On behalf of Turkish Americans nationwide, ATAA expresses its deepest condolences and respects to Mrs. Arikan and her family for their loss and for their sacrifices. We have not forgotten you. You will always be in our hearts.

Respectfully submitted,

Gunay Evinch
Assembly of Turkish American Associations

Attachment 2

Attachment 3



John Avakian, JD, MBA (66.215.11.xxx) Burbank, California, United States said...

The only terrorist is Turkey. It's common sense. Invader killing natives. Last time I checked, we were the natives.

No matter what you do, you cannot spin this reality. It just makes you look stupid. You depend on ignorant, uneducated people to support you, because any self-respecting, educated person would know about your gory, horrible past, and all the havoc you have wreaked in Anatolia - among the Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, and Assyrians.

BERNARD LEWIS? Are you kidding me? Turkey was paying that jackass under the table to support their viewpoint! Oh by the way, the guy was fired for plagiarism, and last I heard, teaches in Turkey! LOLLLLL....

It looks like Maxim Gauin overlooked that part.
Give me a break. Don't "dress a pig in people's clothes" and expect no one to notice. Your reliance on people's ignorance is the only way you can spread your sickening, disgusting, inhumane viewpoint that something as concrete, and so apparent, as the Armenian Genocide did not occur.

The only think more sickening than what was done in 1915, are idiots like you who morally corrupt and bankrupt the American people, by trying to have them support Turkey's disgusting past, present, and future.


John Avakian, JD, MBA

Maxime Gauin said...

To Mr. Avakian:

“Turkey was paying that jackass under the table to support their viewpoint!”
There is just no evidence about that. You should listen what say Mr. Sassounian: « no one should be defamed because of his or her views on the Armenian genocide, no matter how wrong or offensive they are. Unless one possesses evidence to the contrary, one cannot simply assume that those making distorted statements on the Armenian Genocide are motivated by greed or are paid agents of the Turkish government. »

“Oh by the way, the guy was fired for plagiarism, and last I heard, teaches in Turkey!”
Mr. Lewis has still his position of Professor emeritus at Princeton University (http://www.princeton.edu/~nes/faculty_lewis.html), as well as responsible of Middle East publications in Oxford University Press; he was never accused of « plagiarism ».
Prof. Lewis had never a position of full-time professor in Turkey.

“It looks like Maxim Gauin overlooked that part.”
I overlooked no kind of such part, and that is why I was winner in my court case against the Dashnak Movsès Nissanian. http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2010/05/3067-how-court-case-was-won-in-france.html

Maxime Gauin
MA in contemporary history, Paris-I-Sorbonne University.

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