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  • Some Examples Of The Method Used By Taner Akcam by Maxime Gauin

  • Comments By Sukru Aya & League of Nations Sourced – REPLY on HOLOCAUST Charges

  • Unlike his great-grand-son Taner, Communist leader of 70 years, the Armenian Agop does not believe in Marxism or communism ...

    We (Turkey Info News - www.turquie-news.com) invite you to discover the translation of an article that illuminates much about the profile of Taner Akcam. True "historian mercenary", Taner Akcam is presented by Armenian fanatics as
    . . "a courageous Democrat Turkish openly recognized the Armenian genocide." Of course, specify that Taner Akcam is a salaried member of the influential Armenian foundation Zoryan or he was a prominent figure in the ultra-left military in Turkey is not to their taste, political correctness.

    According to Abdullah Ocalan (PKK leader), close to Taner Akcam many years, it would be "a renegade with bloody hands." Ocalan goes even further. It presents him as a character disorder and unscrupulous, who would have "one foot in Yerevan, and the other in America," before concluding, for final settlement, "this man is dangerous."

    We understand why Armenian nationalists prefer to keep silent on this obscure man of Armenian descent

    Do you know why the Armenian activists who are always inclined to attribute an Armenian descent to Turkish personalities, conceal the Armenian origins of Taner Akcam?

    The Armenian Agop is a wealthy landowner who lives in the village of Valei Ahalkeleki region on the border between Georgia and Armenia. Unlike his great-grand-son Taner-Communist leader of the 70 -, Agop, close to the Mensheviks, believes neither in Marxism or communism.

    Agop, who will take the Muslim name of Hasan to flee persecution Bolsheviks, perish during looting and atrocities committed by them. His son Eyüp, who had also taken a Muslim name, finds refuge with his wife of Georgian origin and her children in Ardahan (Turkey) by mixing with Turks fleeing the Bolshevik army.

    Eyup, nicknamed the "Mad", then chooses as a guide for activists Dashnak committees and thus contributes to the massacres of thousands of Turks and Kurds.

    In 1928, no longer having the support of irredentist Armenians, who fled after the proclamation of the new Turkish Republic, it will be executed for treason and participation in the massacres committed against the Turks by foreign armies.

    The grand-son, Taner Akcam, was born in 1953 in the village of Ölçek in Turkey. Dursun Akcam his father-son-of Eyup, born 1927, migrated with his family in Ankara. Taner grew up in the neighborhood Demirlibahçe, where his father taught Turkish at the college. During these years, Dursun Akcam became friends with Baykurt Fakir, a teacher at the school S,afaktepe. Deleted and no character in childhood and adolescence to Demirlibahçe, Taner becomes the butt of his comrades who often target of their taunts. Later, during his studies at the University ODTÜ (Technical University Middle East) in Ankara, he joined the association ODTÜ-DER where he will claim "anti-nationalist and democratic", while concealing its origins Ethnic he considers to be a handicap.

    Increasingly active in revolutionary movements as communist ADYÖD, GENÇ-DEV or DEV-YOL [1], he is the champion of anti-Turkish nationalism among younger generations. Taner Akcam, who has seduced and deceived many young people within the movement-DEV GENÇ, never misses an opportunity to vindicate the "Pride NOT BE TURKISH". In March 1976, when he became one of the executives of the armed movement of DEV-YOL far left, he was arrested and sentenced to nine years in prison for open conflict with the Turkish Nation and the State.

    However, with the help of accomplices, he managed to escape March 12, 1977 and requested political asylum in the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) with a false passport. Arrested for illegal entry into the German territory, it is hosted for three months by the Secret Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND) in this country. Here, Taner Akcam, the revolutionary dogmas consists of members of the BND "experts" of Turkey and minority rights, paving the way for his career.

    After a few months in Germany, he obtained political refugee status, then German citizenship [2] by enrolling in a language school in the state of North-Rhine - Westphalia. In December 1977 he was appointed to the Free University of Berlin as an assistant to Tessa Hofmann [3], a known expert in the analysis of conflicts of minorities in Turkey and the Caucasus who has published a thesis on the political German expansionist in the Caucasus region and particularly in Georgia, a country familiar to Taner Akcam since his ancestors were from Armenian ...

    The wizard Akcam, assimilating eagerly indoctrinating German, in 1986 received a fellowship from the Institute of Social Studies in Hamburg. At the same time, the famous Professor Fischer, and BND officer who worked on topics such as the Euxine, and the Lazistan Çamlihemsin (note: on the southern coast of the Black Sea in Turkey), is harnessed to pervert Turkish illegal workers, from the East Black Sea, to spy on behalf of the BND, promising them "worker visas" in the FRG. At this time, Akcam, in collaboration with Fischer contributed to unrest in this region of Turkey by conducting espionage against the Turks in their own country.

    In 1998, Akcam was panicked, when Fisher was arrested in possession of secret documents in the north-eastern Turkey. In retaliation, he proposes that the BND to establish a list of academics of Turkish origin living in Germany to stop them, agrees that the BND. In parallel, the German secret services control to Taner Akcam, against payment under the cloak, "studies" on "Violence in Turkish history," "torture in Turkish culture" and the "Armenian genocide". This is Tessa Hofmann, also a member of the BND and a team of the Hamburg Institute who were in charge of establishing research subjects.

    Thanks to his thesis on "torture in Turkish culture," Taner Akcam and his weapons and will prove his academic abilities and his loyalty to the German line. This earned him swiftly to become employee of the Institute of Social Studies in Hamburg.

    With the support and the maneuvers of the BND, Akcam easily obtained, and miraculously, the title of Doctor at the Institute for her study: "The Armenian issue, the trial of Istanbul and the Turkish national movement."

    In 2001, while preparing his thesis lecturer on the topic of "Turkey and the Eastern Question" with a grant from the so-called "Hamburg Foundation" which promotes Science and Culture, he acquired great esteem among nationalist organizations of the Armenian diaspora and German secret services, saying with verve and with finality: "I will prove that Turkey is a state without a people."

    There, also, interesting and surprising in this case, it is the personality and activities of Tessa Hofmann, a professor at the Free University of Berlin and the BND agent. A true guru of Akcam and has, on the one hand, distributed known errors that contained Taner Akcam's research and other sponsored it with the support of the German secret services. Tessa Hofmann is an honorary member of the Union of Armenian writers and, as Pastor Lepsius, she says the Armenian massacre was the first systematic genocide of the twentieth century [4]. It also claims that "genocide" would have been an example for the genocide of Jews by the Nazis, adding to this indictment that the gas chambers were created, also for the first time, by the Turks. The origin of these theses is silly to look deep into the German will to get rid of guilt and a diversion on the issue of genocide of the Jews, by throwing a spotlight of shame on the Turks. This will is expressed, explicitly or implicitly, by various means. Thus, in its desire to restore his dignity, Germany is targeting the Turks and Turkey.

    Under the terms of Hofmann, Unionists formed a group and rabid racist (in his book The Human Rights and the Armenian problem, Taner Akcam discusses openly and in a partisan manner, matters relating to the Union and Progress and Turkism (pages 96-209)). Mustafa Kemal is promoted as "the killer of more than two million Armenians and Greeks", about the Armenian activists, they are neither more nor less than "heads of families who fought with desperate courage." Still according to Hofmann, the cities of Van, Erzurum, Bitlis, Trabzon, the regions of Karabakh and Nakhchivan, would be part of the Armenian homeland. In the days following the publication of the book's dark Hofmann, the Karabakh region was overrun by Armenian troops. Moreover, after defining the Turkish-speaking Muslims as Tatars, she says that they attacked the Armenian minority in the Caucasus, killing and plundering those who lived there. Turning to the massacres of Susa, Aghdam and Fizuli committed by the Armenians, it justifies them, saying, "wars have their own logic bloody." That, the application of the principle that the best defense is attack, so it was of strategic importance to seize Susa, which was, according to her, once, an Armenian land.

    In the books of Akcam, except recurring references to Hofmann, the German pastor Lepsius is also one of missed sources. The books of this pastor, Andonian [5] or Hovanissian, only pro-Armenian, without moderation defaming the Turks and their government, are the product of resentment and hatred, they have even slanderous charges unpublished until today. Thus, in his book The Human Rights and the Armenian issue (pages 228-247), he wrote a plan to exterminate the Armenians was decided August 2, 1914, one day after the signing of the covenant with Germany, implemented by the Special Organization Tes,kilat-? Mahsusa Esref Kus,cubas,? of course without ever mentioning the destruction of Russian units in Anatolia and Armenia. The book also claims (pages 248 and following) that Armenians included in the regiments of workers were killed. There is no physical evidence, Talat Pasha is presented (page 286) with certainty as the architect of "genocide." He also argues (page 316) that important documents have been destroyed and that the public would be misled about this.

    Edward J. Erickson

    Also, Taner Akcam can legitimately be considered the scribbler slanders and lies of Armenian theses. He pretends, for example, to ignore that forced displacement were passive defense measures, therefore, he calls them "massacres". It is, quite simply, the mission he was asked. If he refused to perform it, he could lose support of the Armenian organizations.

    In addition, he said (page 544) that Atatürk himself admitted the words "Armenian genocide", without providing any reference or refer to the report by the American High Commissioner Mark Bristol. According to Taner Akcam, Mustafa Kemal takes a particularly sensitive and critical attitude in discussions with representatives of Western countries, about the killings between 1915-17. Thus, he would have admitted to General Harbord's death 800,000 Armenians.

    Thus, it is clear that the path, relationships, style and views of Taner Akcam, the Trojan are chosen by Armenian nationalists in the war they are fighting at all costs against the Turks. The author certainly bears a Turkish name, but does not consider himself as a Turk.

    Taner Akcam is the result of a triple parentage:
    - Turkish parentage is affirmed but instrumentalized,
    - His family is Armenian descent but hidden,
    - His identity is ideological affiliation but politicized.

    Gocek, Richard Hovannisian, Elif Safak and Taner Akcam

    Nevertheless, history meets on 1 March 1921, in the words of Mustafa Kemal allegations of Akcam and his cronies on the Turks:

    "Gentlemen, I want to remind you that in order to break our determination and faith, while the sad events inside the country continued on the outside, our enemies did not cease for a moment their pressure and their terrible provocations. In the West the Greeks in the south the French who armed themselves and drove the Armenians against us, in the East in the occupied areas, massacring Armenians in Armenia and committed abuses against the Muslim population ... The greatest misfortune that we imposed the year just ended was the Treaty of Sevres. Gentlemen, despite the efforts of our enemies for a year, today the decrees of the Treaty of Sevres are no longer either in fact or law.

    Gentlemen, among the defeated countries in 1918 only Turkey was able to reach this goal, thanks to the strength of his armies and his political vision. Our enemies continue in the regions they occupy, to kill, to oppress, plunder our deport citizens and deprived of any means of protection, despite these injustices non-Muslims who are within the territories under the authority of the Government of the Turkish Grand Assembly without fear and live in safety under the protection of our laws and our forces.

    Although the propaganda say French, American, Armenian, Greek, German and the rest of the Western world, younger generations will never forget nor Turkish these historical truths, or the betrayal of those who supported and nurtured by foreign imperialist forces, to Like the Muslim fundamentalists have become enemies of the Turks, those will drown in your contempt. "

    Read also:
    - "Armenian Cause" and terrorism
    - Hereros: The first genocide of the 20th century


    [1] The Genç Dev / Dev Yol / Dev Sol / DHKP-C is a manufacture of Soviet secret services, who have repeatedly tried to destabilize and then bring out the Turkey of the 1960s to the 1980s (Claire Sterling, The Network of Terror. Survey on international terrorism, Paris, Jean-Claude Lattes, 1981, p. 229-237), generating the far-left terrorist group, ASALA, the CJGA (terrorist wing of the FRA, created by Congress in 1972, which formalized the tilting of the Dashnak the Soviet side), then the PKK.

    In 1985, the World Congress of the FRA decided to place one of its priorities, working with the Turkish extreme left, preferably terrorist. In 1928, a congress in Baku was attended by Kurdish nationalists, the Armenian nationalists and Kurdish antikémalistes, under the Soviet, the Soviet-Turkish relations have experienced a brief crisis in 1928-1929.

    [2] Taner Akcam has dual Turkish and German citizenship, which is forbidden. This fact alone is a strong indication corroborating its close ties with the BND.

    [3] Tessa Hoffman participated in the so-called "Permanent Peoples' Tribunal", in 1984, which "condemned" the "Armenian genocide". The presiding judge was François Rigaux, former president of the Belgium-Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge defenders in Belgium). Tessa Hoffman's contribution was "the German eyewitnesses", especially Armin Wegner, Ms. Hoffman presented as a leading indicator.

    However, in 1993, Tamcke Martin, professor at the University of Göttingen, published a study on devastating Wegner, relied on the personal archives of it (Armin T. Wegner und die Armenian: Anspruch und eines Wirklichkeit Augenzeugen, Cologne, Cuvillier , 1993, revised and expanded second edition, Münster, LIT, 1996). Since then, Ms. Hoffman has done a coaster, first in a book (Armin T. Wegner. Writer and Photographer of Eyewitness Armenian Genocide, Yerevan, Apaga, 1996), then in an interview with Guenter Lewy in 2001 in Berlin , where it has come to recognize that Wegner was a source devoid of reliability (Guenter Lewy, The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey, Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, 2005, p. 304, n. 22).

    Ms. Hoffmann has also republished the trial records of S. Tehlirian, assassin, in 1921, Talat Pasha. For the cover, she found nothing better than a painting made in 1872 by Russian artist Vasilli Vereshcagin: a pyramid of skulls symbolizing the horrors of the Franco-Prussian war of 1871, this painting was frequently presented in the 1980s, as a photograph of the remains of the Ottoman Armenians (Türkkaya Ataöv, Armenian Forgeries, New York, Okey, 2008). Ms. Hoffmann finally recognized the manipulation at the time of the case Perinçek.

    [4] Selecting the facts in an unacceptable manner, it denies so shameful and perverse, the genocide of the Hereros (people of Namibia) by German colonial troops in Namibia in 1904.

    [5] proved false according to historians.

    Translated via Google From Source
    Please feel free to submit a better translation

    Les filiations de Taner Akçam: Turkish Version Of The Article : Taner Akçam’in Soy Kökeni

    Some Examples Of The Method Used By Taner Akcam
    May 16, 2012, by Maxime Gauin

    the USAK received a copy of the latest book by the German sociologist Kurdish-Armenian ancestry Taner Akcam, called The Young Turks' Crime Against Humanity. The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire. Before writing a report for the Journal of Turkish Weekly, I started to browse the book, I already knew by the report's devastating Erman Sahin, dedicated to the Turkish version, shorter of this book. I have not had time to get into a detailed analysis - especially since it will be dosed between what has been said and what will be more like the original comment - but I can not resist the temptation give some examples of particularly significant.

    Pages 203-204, Mr. Akcam says that "the clearest statement, showing that government policy [CUP] vis-à-vis the Armenians [during WWI] was to their annihilation is in a telegram August 29, 1915 sent by the Interior Minister Talat Pasha in Ankara province. [...] This document alone should put an end to long and unnecessary debates on this issue. "

    Therefore include the telegram, in full:

    "The Armenian question which arose in the eastern provinces is resolved. [However], there is no damage to the image of our nation and our government by acts of cruelty no need no justification. In particular, the recent attack took place against the Armenians near Ankara has caused much regret to the Minister, who found that the event occurred following the obvious incompetence of the officers charged with overseeing the transfer Armenians, and the audacity of police and locals, who acted according to their animal instincts, raping and robbing the Armenians. The transfer of Armenians, which must be applied in order and with caution, should never in future be entrusted to individuals motivated by a fanatical hostility, and Armenians - as those transferred than other - have to be protected against any aggression against any attack. In places where such protection could not be ensured, the transfer must be postponed. From now on, officers in charge [of transfer] will be held accountable, given their rank, any attack would happen, and returned to court martial. It is necessary to give strict orders in this regard, the staff concerned. "

    Reference: Yusuf Hikmet Özdemir and Sar?nay, Turkish-Armenian Conflict Documents, Ankara, Grand National, 2007, p. 235.

    Mr. Akcam was right about one thing: this statement is clear.

    Trying to prove - which is completely untrue - that the Catholic and Protestant Armenians were subjected to forced displacement General, Mr. Akcam argues, in particular (p. 378), that "the new order was definitely not retroactive but applied only to Armenians who have not been expelled and deported '. "

    Therefore include the entire document:

    "The purpose of the transfer of Armenians to places where they now live to some areas is determined to end their attempts and their activities against the government, that is to say, to render it impossible to establish a independent Armenia [the Ottoman territory]. Since there is no intention to annihilate the Armenians, it is absolutely necessary to protect the lives of those transferred in convoys and to take all measures to provide food rations during the trip, the cost for it to be assumed immigrants by the fund. It is also necessary for the authorities, to the exclusion of those whose relocation was decided, the Armenians, especially those related to soldiers, as shown in the previous order, as well as artisans, Protestants and Catholics, will be left on their current place of residence.

    Regarding those who attack the convoys, steal goods and dare to violate the Armenians, acting according to animal instincts, and also in respect of officials and police who have initiated such attacks, judicial investigations must begin immediately so that they are severely punished, without showing any leniency whatsoever in their favor. These officials will be immediately removed from office and sent to court martial. In addition, their names will be reported. In case of such attack, the administration of the province will be held responsible. "

    Hikmet Özdemir and Sarinay Yusuf, op. cit., p. 237.

    Mr. Akcam distorted in two ways and this telegram:

    a) Stating that the exemption no longer applied only to Catholics and Protestants left: it applies to these categories in general, and also the artisans and to the families of soldiers.

    b) Taking orders for no very clear against any criminal act.

    Still on exemptions from forced displacement, Mr. Akcam intends to prove that if they were not respected in Adana, it is the fault of Talat, who lied to the German representatives. He quotes the ambassador Acting Hohenhole. However, as indicated by Guenter Lewy long before the book appeared Mr. Akcam, Hohenhole explicitly rejected the idea that Talat should seek to deceive the Germans, concluding that if the exemption were not met, it was subsequently at the initiative of local officials untimely and uncontrolled. Indicates that also exasperated Mr. Lewy not being obeyed, Talat expelled Adana three leaders who ignored his orders and, accordingly, the U.S. Consul Nathan forced displacement from Adana came to an end (Guenter Lewy, The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey, Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press, 2005, p. 185-186).

    Mr. Akcam also states (pp. 414-415) that "at the seventh session of the same trial [a trial by court martial held in Istanbul under occupation of the Agreement, in spring 1919] [...] Yusuf Riza [former officiates Special Organization, OS], faced with irrefutable documentation too, was forced to admit that the CUP Central Committee and the systems have played an important role in the various crimes committed in time of war against the Armenians and other. "

    However, as indicated, references in support, Mr. S,ahin in the article that I mentioned above (and which appeared in English in 2010, two years before the English edition of the book):

    a) No document was produced at the seventh session;

    b) Far from making the confession attributed to him that Mr. Akcam, Yusuf Riza said he was "unable" to answer the question of whether the OS really participated in the forced displacement, and has clearly stated that nobody among the central committee members of the UPC, was involved in the process of forced resettlement.

    Page 197, Mr. Akcam refers to the "Ten Commandments" attributed to the UPC, whereas there is evidence that since 1973 it is an apocryphal text (Gwynne Dyer, "Correspondence," Middle Eastern Studies, IX-3, 1973 pp. 377-378). Mr. Dyer responded to the author proarménien Christopher Walker, who had referred to this text. After reading the response, Mr. Walker has never referred to the "Ten Commandments" as a proof.

    Also include Donald Bloxham, staunch supporter of the qualification of "Armenian genocide":

    "The most serious historians consider this document as to authenticity at best questionable, and it is probably a fake. [...] He who has given this document to the British sold them in February 1919, a time when many false documents were outstanding. "(" Donald Bloxham Replies ", History Today, No. LV-7, July 2005).

    Moreover, Mr. Akcam refers to the English translation of Vahakn N. Dadrian, who adds words ("commit massacres") that are not in the 'original' (see on this Ferudun Ata, "An Evaluation of the Approach of the Researchers Who Advocate to the Armenian Genocide Trials Relocation" , in The New Approaches to Turkish-Armenian relations, Istanbul, Istanbul University Publications, 2008, p. 560).

    Yes, how can you resist?

    Read also:
    - The affiliations of Taner Akcam

    Translated via Google From Source
    Please feel free to submit a better translation

    Comment By Sukru Server Aya

    1- Thanks to all contributors of this illuminative article and Mr. Gauin for added comments..

    2- Regarding the unfounded/fabricated/stale charges of genocide or other bilateral atrocities, I ask all parties who still speak of an act of genocide (which could not physically even had happened and there is no evidence of any sort) to refer to my attached reply and openly inform the readers if they now know anything better about truth, compared to what the most authorized personality, General Secretaries of the League of Nations had written down about a century ago!

    3- Open Call to all concerned: It is either that the League of Nations was wrong when they lived and resolved the incidents a century ago, or you are ridiculously inverting and distorting "pyramid-strong documentary evidence".

    This invitation to belie my document stands free to all parties, scholars, writers, speakers, etc. etc. WORLD WIDE.

    Who is lying, me, or the documents or those who still shamelessly fabricate stories?

    S.S. Aya

    League of Nations Sourced – REPLY on HOLOCAUST Charges:

    c. Let us get records straight from the desk of the most authorized body, the “League of Nations”:

    Doc. 1- Posting # 3099) If Armenians Fight With Us Against The Turks, We Promise To Give Them National Home, Liberty And Independence

    © This content Mirrored From  http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com

    Doesn’t this monumental document tell “how innocent Armenians were, and how and why 200.000 young Armenians sacrificed their lives”?

    Enough is enough gentlemen, read well before you start lecturing nonsense.

    d). Now let us see the second document confirming . What do you believe; your imagination and palavers or the plain monumental documentation?

    Doc. 2:
    “League of Nations” - Important Documents
    “University of Bradford” Armenia and the League of Nations
    Documents from the United Nations Library, Geneva; League of Nations Archives Collections

    Copy of “Note Verbal” by Secretary-General Sir Eric Drummond, dated March 1st, 1920.

    Page 2: “Further, in Turkey, minorities were often oppressed and massacres carried out by irregular bands who were entirely outside the control of the central Turkish Government.

    CONCLUSION: I repeat my posting “Admit Facts and Shut up” for those who do not like to read: http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/10/2610-genocide-lies-need-no-archives.html

    Sukru S. Aya


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