1961) Innocent(!) Armenians Through Historical NewsPaper Archives

Screen Shots of the Historical Newspapers (Late 1800's - Early 1900's)
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  1. Assassination by Hampig Sassounian In Westwood, Daily Bruin, 29 Jan 1982
  2. American Secret Society Blackmailing and Murdering Wealthy People- Widespread Conspiracy - Sacramento Union California July 25 1907
  3. Former Leader of Armenian Revolutionary Leader of Hunchakist Party Leader Armenian Priest Placed Under Arrest, Sacramento Union 31 July 1907
  4. Armenians Blackmailing Armenians $10.000-25.000 - Sacramento Union 21 Jul 1907
  5. Evolution Of Armenian Hunchakist: Secret Society Close Resemblance to Mafia or Black Hand : NY Times 04 Aug 1907
  6. 2020) Evolution Of Armenian Hunchakist: Secret Society - Close Resemblance to Mafia or Black Hand : NY Times 04 Aug 1907
  7. 3472) Armenians Were Responsible Constantinople Riots Premeditated, Says A Correspondent-Provocation & Intimidation Plan Of Armenian Revolutionary Committees, NYT, Oct 25,1895
  8. 3449) Armenian Spy Was Assasinated in Constantinople by Armenian National Committee, 11 June 1896, San Francisco Call
  9. 3447) Armenian Revolution Party To Armenians: Revolt Against Turks, The Morning Call, San Francisco, 5 Sept 1890
  10. 3425) Eyewitness Tells Story of Smyrna's Horror -New York Times 18.Sep.1922
  11. 3052) Armenians Have Plotted To Arouse Sympathy: NY Times 4 Oct 1895
  12. 3051) Armenian Bands Formed To Attack & Kill Turks Or Kurds: Ny Times 18 Jan 1894
  13. 3050) Sassoun Massacre -Proof - Armenian Revolitionists Caused It" NY Times 23 Aug 1895
  14. 3049) Armenian Riots Clutha Leader - 11 Oct 1895
  15. 3048) Turkish Armenians In Armed Revolt Ready To Join Russian Invaders, Having Drilled & Collected..." Ny Times 13 Nov 1914
  16. 3047) Gen Spiridowitch Organizing Armenians In NewYork For A Revolt In Turkey NY Times 20-May-1907
  17. 3046) Armenians Responsible For Premeditated Riots: NY Times 25-Oct-1895
  18. 3045) Armenian Revolt With The Help & Encouragement From Trans-Caspian Armenians in Russia: NY Times 13-Oct-1903
  19. 3044) Armenians Armed With Revolvers & Spiked Staves, Dragged Armenian Patriarch From Pulpit" NY Times 29-July-1890
  20. 3043) Armenians Prefer Sultan's Rule Not Emperor Nicholas: NY Daily Tribune 25-Aug-1907
  21. 3042) 5000 Armenian Revolters in Adana Preparing For Aggressive Action: NY Times 15 Nov 1895
  22. 3041) Armenia Wants US Against Hun" -Miami Metropolis 27-Mar-1919
  23. 3040) Hentchakist Bands Invade Turkish Territory" NY Times 10-Nov-1903
  24. 3039) Tacitly Encouraged By Russia, Armenians Cross Turkish Frontier" Ny Times 17 May 1903
  25. 3035) Boxes Of Rifles, Ammunition & Dynamite in Armenian Church" Feb13-31Jan1908-St.Petersburg Telegraph Agency
  26. 3034) Future Glorious Armenia Should Not Be Limited To Turkish Land, But Must Cover Themselves & Russian Land" Nov11-29Oct-1903-Moscow-Paper
  27. 3012) Armenian Rebellion: Feilding Star, 5 Sep 1905
  28. 3011) Turks Were Defeated By The Armenian Army: NYT 29 Jun 1918
  29. 3010) Armenian Priests Acted As Guides For Russian Army To Get To Van: Evening Post 9 Dec 1914
  30. 3009) Armenian Students Join Russian Army In Caucasus : Evening Post 4 Nov 1914
  31. 2805) Revolutionary Armenians Have Parade & Listen To Speeches Against Turkish Rule: New York Times, 1894
  32. 2625) -America And The Armenians- Reno Evening Gazette, Nov 14, 1915
  33. 2623) Armenians Begin Religious Assault:Attack Turks" ProgressReview, Nov 02 1895, Iowa
  34. 2622) Armenians Destroy Village Massacre 400 Tartars" Newyorktimes Nov 15, 1905
  35. 2621) Armenians Attack Turks And Tartars" Daily Northwestern Oct 12, 1920
  36. 2620) Armenians Attack Turkish Villagers" Newport Daily Oct 25 1895
  37. 2543) -Armenians, Not Turks Set Smyrna Ablaze- Relief Worker Declares: San Antonio Express, 1923-01-22
  38. 2536) Armenians Kill Azeri Turks (Tartars)" La Crosse Tribune, 1906-09-19
  39. 2535) Armenians Go To Europe To Fight For The Allies" Racine Journal-News 1917-08-31
  40. 2534) -Armenians Kill Turks- Manitoba Free Press 1916-02-22
  41. 2533) Armenian Rebels Attack Town, Turkish Troops Fight Insurgents" Reno Evening Gazette Sep 13 1904
  42. 2532) Armed Armenians Kill Many" Muscatine Journal 19 Dec 1905
  43. 2197) Fresno Armenian Weekly Editor Welcomes Gen Antranik, Headed Armenian Volunteers Against Turks" Van Nuys News, 14 May 1920
  44. 2196) Armenian Insurgents, Uprising in Van" Post Standard Syracuse, 6 Sep 1904
  45. 2195) Erzerum Taken From Turks By Armenian Corps, Aided By Detachment Of Armenian Volunteers" Oakland Tribune, 4 Apr 1918
  46. 2194) Armenians Aiding Russians Besiege Turkish Town Van " Manitoba Free Press, 7 Nov 1914
  47. 2193) General Antranik Ozanian, Famous Armenian General, was engaged in Many Battles against the Turks, Dies " Fresno Bee, 31 Aug 1927
  48. 2192) Armenians Ready To Side With Russians" Elyria Evening Telegram, 13 Nov 1914
  49. 2191) Armenian Army Approaching Erzerum" Bismark Daily Tribune, 13 Nov 1914
  50. 2129) -Russian Troops Linked with Greek and Armenian Civillians As The Perpetrators" New York Times, 22 Oct 1915
  51. 2128) Armenian Rebels Advance" New York Times, 6 Sep 1904
  52. 2127) 5 Armenian Revolutionary Societies To Bring About The Ruin of The Ottoman Empire" New York Times, 24 Sep 1896
  53. 2126) 170 Armenian Bombs Exhibited" New York Times, 23 Sep 1896
  54. 2125) Armenian Bomb Factory was Discovered Near Kassim Pasha Cemetery" New York Times, 12 Sep 1896
  55. 2124) Armenians Are pardoned : Turkish Amnesty To Zeitoun" New York Times, 14 Feb 1896
  56. 2123) Armenians Insurgents Massacred All The Turkish Soldiers at Zeitoun" New York Times, 21 Dec 1895
  57. 2122) Armenians landed with Arms and Bombs" New York Times, 15 Dec 1895
  58. 2121) Aggression Of Armenians" New York Times, 2 Nov 1895
  59. 2120) Mosque, School & Bazaar: Armenians Set Fire" New York Times, 15 Dec 1891
  60. 2084) Armenians Accused of Massacre. Tartar Complaints" The Times London, 19 Mar 1920 Page 15
  61. 2083) -8.000+ Armenian Volunteers fighting for the Russians in Turkey" Armenian Red Cross To The Times Editor : The Times London 12 Jan 1915 Page 7
  62. 2047) Massacre Of 2500 Jews by Armenian Red Guards, Evening Post, 5 May 1919
  63. 2013) -150 000 Armenian Volunteers in Russian Army Were The Only Forces Against Turks: Boghos Nubar, Paris" Times of London , 1919 Jan 30
  64. 2012) -Istanbul Robert College Educated General Mesrob Azgapetian Titled For His War Services Against Turkey," Republican And Times, 1922 02
  65. 2011) -Armenian Bands Preparing To Invade Ottoman Territory" Oakland Tribune, 1905, May 10
  66. 2010) -Armenian Volunteers in Victory Over Turks- Nevada State Journal, 1918, 10 05
  67. 2009) -Druse Tribe Revolt Spreads- Indiana Evening Gazette, 1925, August 13
  68. 2008) -Welcomed Russians in Armenia Entered Turkey" Atlanta Constitution, 1914 11 07
  69. 1977) -Threatening Letters From Armenian Revolutionionary Committee" Liverpool Courier, 1897 08-23
  70. 1976) -Bomb Outrage in Constantinople Eight Armenians Arrested" Liverpool Courier, 1897 08-21
  71. 1974) -Armenian Raiders From Turkish Territory on Turco-Persian Frontiers" Bristol Times And Mirror, 1897-09-29
  72. 1973) -Reported Armenian Aggression - Terrible Barbarities" Liverpool Courier, 1897-08-10
  73. 1963) -Armenians Aid Russians Against Turks- Tyro Herald, 1914 12-10
  74. 1962) -Four Hundred Cleveland Armenians Waiting to Call Back to Armenia To Fight Turkey" Lima Daily News, 1914 11-02
  75. 1954) -Mahommedans Plan To Aid Co-Religionists - Barbarities By Armenians" NYT, 1905 June 26
  76. 1953) -Four Villages Reduced To Ashes by Armenians" Lima Times Democrat 1906 Sep 19
  77. 1949) -Armenians Join Russians and Scatter Turks Near Feitun" Washington Post, 1914 November 13
  78. 1948) -Armenians Fight For Russia- Reno Evening Gazette London 1915 Jan 7
  79. 1947) Russians Take Turks' Fort Near Erzerum, In Pursuit of Turkish Cavalry Armenian Students Enthusiastic Volunteers in Petrograd" NYT, 1914 November
  80. 1946) -Armenians Fighting Turks, Besieging Van Others Operating Turkish Army's Rear" " NYT, 1914 November 7
  81. 1945) -Russians Win Van District- New Oxford, 24.2.1916
  82. 1944) -(Armenians) From America To Fight- NYT, 1915 January 8
  83. 1943) -Armenians Join Russians- Indianapolis Star, 1915-1-08
  84. 1942) -Armenians Aiding Russians in Campaign Against Turkey" Fort Wayne News, 1914-11-07
  85. 1941) -Armenians Active in European War- Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 1914-11-13
  86. 1940) -Armenian Volunteers Are To Increased to 15.000" Daily Kennebec Journal, 1914-28 May
  87. 1939) -Armenians in Revolt- Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, 1895-11-12
  88. 1886) NYT: 18 Oct 1915 : -Dangerous Rebel Armenians Betray Their Rulers, Take Refuge in Christian Missions : The Kind of Armenians A Turk Knows"
  89. 1884) NYT: 22 Nov 1915 : -Rebel Turk Djemal Pasha Orders 2 Turkish Band Chiefs Be Hanged For ill Treatment of Armenians"
  90. 1883) Nyt:14 Nov 1920: -Armenians Complain Of French"
  91. 1882) NYT: 13 Nov 1914 : -Turkish Armenians Refuse To Join Turkish Army - Ready To Join Russian Invaders for Armed Revolt"
  92. 1881) NYT: 2 May 1928 : -Huncak (Agitates Against Turkish Rule) Editor S Sapah-Gulian Dead"
  93. 1880) NYT: 15 Dec 1903 : -Armenian Revolt Likely"
  94. 1879) NYT: 4 Aug 1940 -Armenian Military Hero, General Sebooh Arshak Nersesian, Who Fought Against The Turks In 1920, Died At 66"
  95. 1878) NYT: 22 Jun 1935 -Armenian Patriot Miran Sevasly Dead: He Helped Raising 10.000 Armenians To Fight Against Turkish Front In Armenian Legion "
  96. 1877) NYT: 8 Jan 1915 -Armenians From America, Arrived In Tiflis, To Serve With The Russian Army Against Turkey"
  97. 1876) NYT: 9 Oct 1915 Why We Aid Armenians: It's Because We're Bought by Anglo-French Gold"
  98. 1875) NYT 13 May 1947 James Chankalian, Won Honors, in Organising 300 Armenian Volunteers To Fight Against Turkey"
  99. 1874) NYT 29 Sep 1915: Armenians Brought Reprisals on Themselves by Trying to Stir Up Rebellion Against Turkey"
  100. 1862) Turkish Garrisons Attacked by Armenian Rebels" The Washington Post 10 Aug 1904
  101. 1861) Armenian Rebels Killed 20, Wounded 23, in Turkey" The News (2 May 1904)
  102. 1860) Armenians Aiding Russians In Campaign Against Turkey" Fort Wayne News (7 Nov 1914 )
  103. 1392) Armenian Newspaper Coverage — 1800s, 1900's Vs Turks, 1900s-Terror, 1915, Miscellaneous
  104. 607) -Were The Armenian Stories Of Atrocities Only Fabrications?" Daily Bulletin, Apr 25,1895
  105. 589) Turks Battle With Rebels" -San Francisco Call -19 May 1904
  106. 586) " Plot To Blow Up Foreign Consulates By Armenian Rebels' Dastardly Plan" -San Francisco Call -20 Aug 1905
  107. 569) "Armenians In Van Rise In Arms Against Turks" -Washington Times, May 12, 1915
  108. 566) "26.000 'Christian' Armenians In Revolt" -Guthrie Daily Leader, Oklahoma, Nov, 1 1895
  109. 565) "Armenian Rebels Taken In Hand" -Evening Bulletin, Hawaii, USA, May 16, 1903
  110. 557) "Turks Hang Kemal Bey For Armenian Massacres" NYT 14 Apr 1919
  111. 556) "Turkish Garrisons Attacked By Armenian Rebels" Washington Post, 10th Aug 1904
  112. 549) "Fighting In Sasun -Armenian Rebels" The News, May 2 1904
  113. 543) "False Info Circulated By The Armenian Agitators" NYT, Nov 3 1895
  114. 499) "Armenian Question: England And America Cannot Afford To Throw Stones" NYT, 23rd Sep 1895
  115. 332) Armenian Residents Kill Turkish Gendarmes, Davenport Morning Tribune, Iowa, 9 Sep 1890
  116. 331) Armenians Attack Turks, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 15 Jul 1920
  117. 330) Armenians BandsAttack Turks in Mush, Fort Wayne Sentinel, 22 Jan 1902
  118. 329) Armenian Army Wants Aid To Set Up New Nation, Out For Independence, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 14 Dec 1918
  119. 328) Armenians Attack Tartar Village, Monitoba Free Press, 15 Nov 1905
  120. 327) Armenians Destroy Seventeen Villages, Insurgents Are Active In Sassun Area, Post Standard, 19 May 1904, Syracuse, New York
  121. 326) French Attempt To Invest Asia Minor Frustrated By Turks, Armenian Volunteers Make Landing Possible Are Wiped Out, San Antonio Light 19 Apr 1920
  122. 324) Armenian Insurgent Bands Attack Kurds Near Erzeroum, Daily Gazette, 17 Nov 1899
  123. 263) Armenians Burn Turks, Constantinople Tyrone Herald, Pennsylvania, Dec 20, 1905
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  • Kindly contributed by Mustafa Balkaya, TruckTurkey, Elif Savas and few other volunteers preferred not to be named at this occasion


    Waterford, Michigan, USA said...

    This is intriguing.

    For once, actual solid evidence of what was going on during those times.

    If the newspapers were from resources such as Turkey Times, I might have felt doubt, but most of these newspapers are from American newspapers such as the NY Times.

    (IP Address Logged)

    Coretel America, Sunnyside, New York, USA said...

    In response to the previous comment, what makes these records so powerful is that U.S. and Western publications were generally hostile toward matters Turkish.

    In other words, as impressive as it is for newspapers such as the New York Times to occasionally provide the truth about the Armenians, equally unreliable was their far greater pro-Armenian coverage, based on the flimsiest and/or most propagandistic of sources.

    As far as the "Turkey Times" remark, there is a natural tendency to disbelieve what a partisan newspaper would report, but the anti-Turkish propaganda has been so extensive, this comment reflects the general attitude: in the genocide matter, Turks were criminals, and therefore whatever Turks say must be disbelieved. But in reality, the value of each article must be measured by the author of the articles. (For example, a U.S. newspaper such as the New York Times may be regarded as partisan toward America, but does that mean there cannot be New York Times articles that have been critical of America?)

    The perception that whatever appears in a Turkish publication must be observed as a lie reflects deep prejudice. Truth may be reliably determined by the soundness of whatever sources that are presented.

    (IP Address Logged)

    Aksoy said...

    There are lots of literary and visual documents proving massacres of Armenian bandits numbering to 200 000 during WW1 when Ottoman Empire was fighting in three battles but these documents are either hidden or ignored. Here are evidences from English and Russian Archives which contradict with the Armenian allegations:

    A report of a Dashnag officer, Aslem Varaam written in 1920, in Beyazit-Varan (Otoman Empire):

    “I exterminated the Turkish population in Bashar-Gechar without making any exceptions. One some times feels the bullets shouldn’t be wasted. So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. So I did accordingly. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks.”

    A.Lalayan, Revolutsionniy Vostok (Revolutionary East) No: 2-3, p.92 vd, Moscow, 1936;

    Istoricheskie Zapisky No 2, p.101, 1928

    * ‘The Armenians ejected sulphuric acid to the faces of the Turkish people, fired their houses and killed them using knife and bullet, in Gaziantep’ (Report of English Ambassador Henry D. Barnhamof Aleppo –Halep-, dated 16 November 1895).

    * In 1905, the Armenians killed all the Turks and Muslims who lived in Susha in Azarbaijan (Russian newspaper Novoye Obozrenye 6 September 1905).

    * Armenian Soviet historian A.A.Lalayan stated that the Dashnaks displayed extreme
    courage to massacre Turkish women, children and ill and old people (Contrarevolyutsionnıy ‘Dasnaktsutyun’ İ İmperialisti-cheskaya Voyna 1914-1918 gg.’, Revolyutsionnıy Vostok, No.2-3, p.92, 1936).

    * V.A. Gurko-Kryajin declared that the Muslim folk around Yerivan and Kars were eradicated and the districts Shuragel, Kağızman, Karakurt, Sarıkamış, Surmali were fired and destroyed so that the folk were forced to escape, in his book entitled ‘Neareast and the States’ (V.A. Gurko-Kryajin, Blijniy Vostov i Derjavı, p.93, Nauçnaya Assotsiatatsiya Vostokovedeniya Pri TsİK SSSR, Moscov, 1925).

    * ‘150 000 Armenian volunteers in Russian Army were the only forces against Turks’ told Armenian Boghos Nubar, in Paris (Times of London , 1919 Jan 30 Link:


    *’The Turks who had been slaughtered like animals were buried in large holes in the Eastern Anatolia’ writes Russian Lieutenant Colonel Twerdo-Khlebof in his diary

    *T. Hachikoglyan, in a speech he delivered, told that the Dashnaks eradicated thousands of Turks with their bloody hands (T. Haçikoglyan, 10 Let Armyanskoy Sttrelkovoy Divizii,p4-6. İzdatelstvo Polit. Uprav. KKA, Tiflis, 1930).

    * Ovanes Kachaznuni (the first prime minister of Armenia) admitted in his book

    ‘Dashnagzoutiun Has Nothing to do Anymore’ that they massacred the Moslem population and the Armenian terrorist acts were directed, at winning the Western public opinion and the British occupation aroused hopes of the Dashnaks. (This book is banned in Armenia).

    Armenians are expert to falsify the photographs like the other historical documents to hide the atrocities and massacres they performed towards the Turks and other Muslims. Here you will see the pictures of their crimes along with other forgeries:

    In the following video http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/10/2616-armenian-forgeries-exploitation-of.html, in Picture 1, you will see a woman presented by the Armenians as a woman slaughtered by the Turks. This picture indeed belongs to a Jewish woman butchered by Nazi Arrow Cross Men Party in Hungary (The Mazal Library).

    The second picture shows heads decapitated allegedly by the Turks. This picture indeed belongs to White Rose activists who fought against Nazis in Germany during WW2. These activists were sentenced to death and killed via guillotine by Nazi Germany.

    Aksoy said...

    *****The third picture is the one which indeed depicts Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Subatan (in Ottoman Empire) on 25 April 1918. The Picture is being copied by Armenians in internet and is presented as a Picture of Armenian victims. The original photo is in Turkish Archives’ ATASE Archive: Directory of Genelkurmay Military History and Strategic Studies Archive, The photograph collection of WWI, Album No: 4, photograph No: 123)

    *****The fourth picture depicts woman and children that have been allegedly killed by the Turks. These women and children in the Picture are indeed Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Erzincan Vagarir (in Otoman Empire) on 16 February 1918. The original photo is in Turkish Archives’ ATASE Archive: Directory of Genelkurmay Military History and Strategic Studies Archive, The photograph collection of WWI, Album No: 4, photograph No: 38)

    *****The fifth Picture shows two male that has been killed allegedly by Turks. This photo belongs to two Turk killed by Armenians in Erzincan Odabaşı (in Otoman Empire). Their eyes have been craved off them before they died. Original photo is in Turkish Archives.

    The sixth photo shows allegedly Armenians slaughtered by allegedly Otoman Armenians. The uniforms of the soldiers in the Picture belong to Russian soldiers fighting in Russian Civil War after WW1 and not to Otoman soldiers. This Picture is not related to either Ottomans or Armenians.

    Here are other photograph forgeries of the Armenians, except those in the aforementioned video:

    1)The cover photograph of the book of Tessa Hoffmann: German Greek scholar Tessa Hoffmann printed the painting of Russian artist Vasili Vereshchagin entitled ‘The Apotheosis of the Franco-Prussia War of 1871, depicting a mass of skulls which was probably painted after 1878, as if it were the photograph of 1915 Armenian genocide, in the cover of her book and had to admit her forgery during the trial of Doğu Perinçek held in Switzerland in March 2007, in which she was listened as a wittness.

    Interestingly, Tessa Hoffman is a scholar of genocide. “The Genocide of truth”, (Şükrü Server Aya)


    2) Atatürk’s photograph: The large poster with ‘FACE OF DENIAL-DOES NOT LIE’ related to a conference given by Dr Vahram Shemmasian, Ardashes Kassakhian and Dr Levon Marashlian, at UCLA on April 14, 2005, organized by Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee of Alpha Epsilon Omega, (http://www.genocideevents.com/cities/losangeles.html.

    Aksoy said...

    The photo depicts the founder of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, sitting on a chair outside a house with the corpse of a young girl with her innards exposed to the elements. Soon, the original of this photo was found by the Turks: It was a photograph of Ataturk for his wife Latife Hanım as a souvenir, posing with some ‘cute dog puppies’ at his feet. Two photos were printed in the July 1, 2005 issue of Hurriyet (http://webarsiv.hurriyet.com.tr/2005/07/01/665930.asp), as ‘a forgery scandal’.

    Then, what UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies. “The Genocide of truth”, (Şükrü Server Aya)

    It is another outstanding point that no dissenting comments were ever heard. What UCLA’s ethical committee did was to erase the handwritten note and doctor a photo of Armin Wengler in place of the puppies.

    3) Photos of victims of Khojaly:

    Nobert Yevdayev, editor-in-chief of New York-based Russian language newspaper “Noviy Rubezh” (‘New Frontier’) and chairman Azerbaijani Friendly Association AZEM spoke in an interview with Day.Az said : ‘Photos of victims of Khojaly genocide allegedly to be victims of so-called “genocide” of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were published in the newspaper ‘In a New light’. We contacted the editor, invited him to the Mission of Azerbaijan to the UN where he had to apologize for the correspondent who resorted to such provocation’. Today az, 4 September 2009.

    4) A photograph published in Donald Bloxham’s The Great Game of Genocide (Oxford University Press published in 2005 and 2007) which shows a man in an unbuttoned jacket and tie standing in front of a circle of ragged children and one apparent adult with something in his hand, with the caption of: ‘A Turkish official taunting starving Armenians with bread’ was proven not to be a ‘photograph’ at all but a photographic soup, composed of bits and pieces taken from other photographs http://www.eurasiacritic.co.uk/articles/forging-past-oup-and-armenian-question, Forging the past: OUP and the ‘Armenian question’,


    Ergun Kirlikovali said...

    Thank you site managers for this wonderful resource. I am now using it in my power point presentations. One picture is worth a thousand words they say. What about an old newspaper clipping? A million?

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