3134) Great Britain Prime Minister Baldwin Declared That Five Million Turkish Pounds Which Was Deposited In The Banks In Berlin . .

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Mr Baldwin, the present Prime Minister of Great Britain, declared that the five million Turkish Pounds which was deposited in the Banks in Berlin which was divided between the allies
. .

17 March 2011 Update by TruckTurkey

Armenian Group Sues Fed Over ‘Turkish Gold’ Data
March 6, 2011, NEW YORK - Bloomberg

An Armenian group sued the U.S. Federal Reserve under the Freedom of Information Act to force the disclosure of information on gold or other assets allegedly seized from Armenians by the Ottoman government in 1915.

The nonprofit Center for Armenian Remembrance claimed that Armenian assets called “Turkish gold” - money totaling about 5 million pounds ($8.13 million) - were seized during the “Armenian Holocaust,” in a court papers filed Friday in U.S. District Court in New York.

The seizure was made under “a Turkish directive to deem all Armenians’ assets abandoned,” Julia Greenberg, the lawyer for the nonprofit group, said in a letter to the Federal Reserve board.

The Turkish government deposited the assets in Germany’s Reichsbank, and they were later taken by the U.S. and other Allied powers at the end of World War I under the Treaty of Versailles, the center said.

The organization filed a Freedom of Information request last June with the Federal Reserve, it said. The agency said it couldn’t locate any information and forwarded the request to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which also said it couldn’t find any records.

Guest - David
2011-03-08 05:02:27

Greeks can back Armenians, and Armenians can back Greeks. Turks have each other, and that's all that matters. :) /// If anybody wants to talk about mass death and suffering, I suggest you look at Turkish Deaths/Deported from WWI... Yes... it's time for you to stop crying.

Guest - Preston Bagrationi
2011-03-08 03:04:47

MKMKMK, it was our religion that made us easy prey for the Ottoman governments grandoise schemes to empty the eastern provinces of their Arm. population.Yes, Armenians bore arms to protect themselves of the Hamidiye irregulars wantonly killing innocent Armenians.Also, 600 years of serfdom under a discriminatory regime was No fun at all. When you are treated like a 2nd class citizen, when you are called a "Gyavur" and the list is long,then what do you expect the Armenians to do? Of course they will revolt at an opportune time.Why didn't the Ottomans bring the same calamity on the Kurds? Because they were Moslem and were useful tools for their bosses in Istanbul.Having said this, I don't consder Turks as enemies, there are 1000s of good righteous Turks,our issue is always with the Turkish government,and Not the Turkish people. I have been married to my ethnic Turkish wife for the last 30 yrs+, have 3 grown up children.Once again,our issue is Not with the Turkish people, but government.

Guest - james
2011-03-07 15:17:27

Armenians love to use Machiavellian tactics against anybody that does not agree with them. The result of this collective criminal behavior will certainly paint them in a corner with no escape and eventually every single Armenian will have to answer to the Turks all over this planet for years of harassment and false accusations. I already feel sorry for their next generation who will be have to suffer for heir parents idiotic USSR style brainwashing when the Turkish Parliament passes the "Turkish Genocide"! Beware Armenians beware of that day! BTW, Most Turks don't know anything about the Los Angeles based Armenian terrorist gang Asala and what they did! Fortunately a new generation of Turks is educating all Turkic people about Asala. The outcome is yet to bee seen.

Guest - MKMKMK
2011-03-07 14:28:30

@Preston Bagrationi...then Armenians should change their religion to Islam & see if it makes any difference. The problem is there were two sides to the events of 1915 & the Armenians only talk about the one side ie. what the Turks did. Let's talk about the other side also ie. what Armenians did so that together we can all learn the truth & at the same time all be enlightened.

Guest - Kenan
2011-03-07 12:47:54

Dear Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Lately many Turks have become aware about the Turkish Genocide that has long been forgotten. I am talking about the hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim Turkish victims who were killed by the Armenian terrorists who betrayed the Ottomans and sided with Russia and other invading forces during WW1. If the Turkish parliament doesn't recognize this past tragic event, "The Turkish Genocide," ASAP, large number of Turks may organize themselves very much like the Armenian terrorist organization Asala did and seek vengeance on their own against Armenians worldwide! I urge you to pass the Turkish Genocide Law as soon as possible, so i can protect potential future Armenian victims from being harmed or even killed for something their grandparents did. It shouldn't be up to ordinary Turks to seek vengeance and compensation from the Armenians of today. This task is reserved to the Turkish Government! Sincerely yours Kenan Dogan

Guest - raf
2011-03-07 11:16:35

It is funny how Turks like to play both sides, on the one hand they claim that Armenians were affluent in the Ottoman empire, on the other hand they tend to think that after the "relocation"(in Turkish lexicon the term "relocation" means sending women and children to desert without food and water) Armenians had nothing worthy to be stolen, I really don't know which one is more disgusting to keep denying the historical truth and enjoy the stolen money for decades or to fight for its recognition and seek a meager compensation for the billions that had been stolen from your ancestors.

Guest - Hairenakitz
2011-03-07 00:55:30

This an answer to 'Turkfromparis': While today's Turkish government still pursues the same old denial tactics of Armenian Genocide, locating goods, money and property stolen by the then Turkish government is a way to emphasize proofs of Turkish Ottoman crimes! ------- To answer 'James' & 'David' (or better Aslan & Ahmet): Armenians are not trying to change your looks, but they are trying to remove your masks and ear plugs!

Guest - Ex Pat
2011-03-06 23:01:12

The U.S. has used this non-existent issue to blackmail Turkey to do its bidding for years. Now, the U.S. is about to be hoisted on its own petard. Anyone taking bets on how quickly the U.S. disowns this issue?

Guest - Turkzil
2011-03-06 22:52:33

I agree with David. Turkey should hit Armenia stronger and harder at their own game. Armenians want to play dirty, Turkey should play too, but they should make Armenians look like rookies. Instead of frowning upon Armenia, Turkey should smile, strike hard and then smile again.

Guest - Ahmet Dogan
2011-03-06 22:24:57

Dear Mr Erdogan, Why aren't you recognizing the "Turkish Genocide?" The one committed by the Armenians before and during WW1! You say you are a man of truth! If so, than prove it and respect the innocent Muslim Turkish victims of WW1 by passing the long past due Law about the real Genocide! The one and only, "The Turkish Genocide!" Sincerely yours A Turkish citizen

Guest - J2
2011-03-06 21:31:39

@ James, you are babbling nonsense. The fact is that the Armenian genocide was not only the elimination of an entire community but also a massive plunder of Armenians' wealth, be it liquid as well as immovable assets, not to mention the motherland of Armenians. Turks will have to address this issue and come up with a plan to return land, and all stolen assets back to their rightful owners, the Armenian nation.

Guest - Preston Bagrationi
2011-03-06 21:03:44

Nothing unusual about the request. And please, stop the childish name callings here. All I see here young turks, maybe 18-25 years old throwing insults. Just grow up.When the Armenian population suddenly drops from 3.37 million in 1915 to 20,000 today, I will assume that those Armenians owned property in Turkey, am I right? Or, else they all were serfs, slaves to their Moslem masters(?) Look, calling us "gang" or trying desperately to degrade and criminalize us do you no good at all. All we are asking is the wealth that was confiscated by the Ottoman government after the Genocide. Once again, I for one, will not hurl insults to the Turkish people, because there are thousands of good righteous Turks,but I find the Turkish government responsible for all the problems that won't allow us to be good neighbors. I don't understand why a giant Turkey is scared of small Armenia, which is a rocky country with no natural resources at all. Strange, but I believe it is our religion, Christianity

Guest - Nicholas
2011-03-06 21:02:46

I wonder why so many Turks comment on this board using Anglo-Saxon names to feign being non-biased observers? Give it up, it just makes your lot look pathetic. These Armenians are totally justified to seek compensation for the grave crime of genocide.

Guest - George from Kerynia
2011-03-06 20:58:35

I agree with some readers here. Historians should be called in to research and find out more about what happened to the exterminated millions of Turks during the genocide by the Armenians. What happened to the Turks? Where are these people now? Where are their bodies? What happened to their children left behind when their parents were killed? Think about it!

Guest - RealityPlus
2011-03-06 20:30:46

"Armenian Holocaust"? ...an insult to the jews that died in WW2. Another Armenian forgery!

Guest - Fatih
2011-03-06 19:33:05

I think Armenians and their Greek friends should first compensate Turks from Nagorno Karabakh and Greece after the revolution. I thank greek channel Skai for showing the truth behind 1821.

Guest - David
2011-03-06 18:56:45

Turkey should counter everything Armenia does with more power and more money. People are getting tired of Armenians trying everyday to make Turkey look bad. Why don't we start inquiries around the World about mass Turkish graves and their property stolen by Armenian rebels? Time to shut these cry-babies...

Guest - Robert
2011-03-06 18:00:14

''Irevan and Goyche Khanates'' Whats this? A joke? Have you been reading azeri 'history' books? They are fake, really. There was not single entity called ''azerbaijan'' before 1918. Their whole 'history' is fake, they write it like it's a fantasy story. At least the turks have modified history, azeri NON.

Guest - Stephan
2011-03-06 17:06:34

@james : no need to comment. You're obviously a severely deluded individual. @Turkfromparis : What's wromg with people wanting compensation for the properties that were stolen off them. Let alone the massacres, rapes, thefts and forced islamisation of people.That's another chapter.

Guest - Turkfromparis
2011-03-06 16:31:58

This is all about money, all they want is money, nothing more...! Disgusting but not surprising !

Guest - james
2011-03-06 15:41:19

Time for the US and Turkey to question the descendants of the Armenian gangs living in the US for having commited genocide against the Turkish Muslims before and after 1915 and for having stolen gold and other valuables from their Turkish victims. I am talking about the thousands and thousands of Ottoman gold coins that the armenian Diaspora are selling the jewelers in California every day!




Sukru Server Aya said...

The data given by PM Mr. Baldwin was wrong or misconceived. Because

a. "Five Millions" was not "Pounds" but it was "Ottoman Gold Coins".

b. It was money lended to Ottomans in August 1914, by Germans with 6% interest so Turks can enter WW!.

Ottomans had no money saved anywhere. Their account were kept by "Public Debt Administration" which was managed bu officers of the Creditor States. (Britain, France, Holland etc.)

c. There were no "Armenian Banks" in Asia Minor.. This Administration and Capitulations were abrogated when Ottomans entered WW1

d. There was no money of Ottoman Armenians anywhere, except may be small accounts with foreign banks in Anatolia. Ottoman Empire did not even have a Central Bank!

e. This is nothing but a fantasy of cash-hunt, based on rumors and without any proof.

Sukru S. Aya

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