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  1. Summary Of New Book Release Meeting At Turksam For The Genocide Of Truth Continues Authored By Sükrü Server Aya
  2. An 81-Year Old Chevalier by Tufan Türenç, Translated from Hurriyet, December 13, 2010
  3. Sükrü Server Aya: A One-man Army Wrestling Armenian Fanatics
  4. Book on Armenian falsifications presented in Ankara
  5. BOOK Presentation Speech - TURKSAM - Ankara
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  8. Book Presentation Review By Yuksel Oktay-2 - The Genocide of Truth Continues..But Facts Tell the Real Story – By Sükrü Server Aya, Published by Derin Yayinevi. 2010, 16 January 2011, Bizim Tepe I.stanbul
  9. Book Presentation Review By Yuksel Oktay 1- The Genocide of Truth Continues..But Facts Tell the Real Story – By Sükrü Server Aya, Published by Derin Yayinevi. 15 December 2010, Ankara
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An 81-Year Old Chevalier by Tufan Türenç
Translated from Hurriyet, December 13, 2010

Şükrü Server Aya: A One-man Army Wrestling Armenian Fanatics

At his age you would expect him to relax and lounge in a leisurely manner, but instead he is a shining knight waging a war.

Aya is a graduate of Robert College with impeccable command of English.

After graduation he started his own business, which he liquidated upon retirement.

Suspicions about the Armenian allegations started to occupy his mind.

He started a research, in an effort to bring out the truth regarding the events of 1915.

Prior to starting this research, he asked himself the following questions:

“Did the events unfold the way Armenians portray them on the world stage?
Did the Turks commit genocide?
OR is this an attempt to execute a nation without a trial?”
During his school years and business life, Aya had many buddies and colleagues of Armenian descent.

He worked hard for years to discover the truth hidden behind lies, forged documents and slanders, and also be able to look at his friends straight in the eyes.

He combed through almost all the books, articles and Armenian documents disseminated globally on this subject.

After years of difficult and tiresome work, he collected countless documents and information that nullify

Armenian allegations, shedding light on their lies.

What surprised Aya was that most of these documents came from Turkish Armenians.

Hundreds of articles which were published on the Internet became insufficient to disseminate the overwhelming amount of information that he obtained from his research.

In the end, he decided to write a book.

Aya has written three books until now, two of them in English.

Printing of his latest book: The Genocide of Truth Continues was completed a few days ago, using his own resources in spite of financial difficulties.

He dedicated his book to those who defend the TRUTH!
His health being far from perfect, 81-year old Şükrü Server Aya is revealing to the whole world the facts that he discovered from credible sources.

In his latest book, he explains, based on information gathered from documents he collected throughout the years, how a group of Armenians from Anatolia were duped into fighting against the Ottoman Empire.

Armed with documents from various sources, he is refuting the falsified distorted documents that some fanatic Armenians spread to the world as proof of their allegations.

He is exposing how the US Genocide Holocaust Memorial Museum in the USA is misled and

He is disclosing the real face of the US Ambassador Morgenthau and his misdeeds.
He brings to light with documents from foreign sources, how fanatic Armenians and the Church use religion to collect financial sources.

In the light of his research, Aya poses the following question:
“Have the fanatic Armenians been collecting donations for a century, in order to wage war, OR are they fueling the battle and current animosity (which reached incredible proportions) for the sake of making money? collecting donations?

Şükrü Server Aya is a courageous knight who is fighting all by himself.
Aside from a few close friends, no one is aiding him.
He is not bothered by any of this. Despite his health problems, he is following the path that he chose.

On December 15, Aya will introduce his new book The Genocide of Truth Continues at the conference hall of TURKSAM (International Relations and Strategic Analysis Center – a Think Tank organization) in Ankara).

One of our Culture Ministers, and an author himself, Mr. Talat Halman and the president of TURKSAM
Mr. Sinan Oğan will also speak at the meeting.
While Şükrü Server Aya is battling lies to bring us the truth at his age, some important tasks are upon us.
We must do what we can to help distribute Mr. Aya’s books all over the world. This is a duty for everyone born and raised in these land.
Let us not leave the “mature youngster” all by himself.

NOTE: Şükrü Server Aya can be reached at:
ssaya at superonline dot com / ssaya01 at gmail dot com / ssaya01 at yahoo dot com

Book on Armenian falsifications presented in Ankara
Thu 16 December 2010
Presentation Of Book Exposing Falsification Of Armenians Took Place In Ankara.

Presentation of the book by known publicist Shukru Server Aya "The Truth of Genocide continues…" took place at office of the Center of Strategic Researches of Turkey (TURKSAM), Ankara.

Speaking at the ceremony,Mr. Sinan Ogan, chairman of TURKSAM, underlined that in the book of the 80-year-old author on the basis of incontestable facts exposed are far-fetched statements about the "Genocide of Armenians", and is narrated about the atrocities made by the Armenian gangster groups in the East Anatolia and in Azerbaijan.

The former minister of culture of Turkey Talat Halman said that the book includes the facts exposing lie of Armenians. One opinion of the author is especially noteworthy. He writes: "The Armenian fanatics who make the statements about genocide, collect money for struggle, and may be continue this struggle and enmity for the sake of money?".

In the book on the basis of the presented foreign sources the author narrates how the Armenian Church and lobby use the religious factor for this purpose.

“The Genocide of Truth” (Vol.1) book was written by compiling information from neutral or anti-Turkish sources, which could be found through the middle of the year 2007.

Istanbul Commerce University, with its own resources printed 3000 copies of the book which have been distributed gratis to all Turkish Universities and few Universities overseas. Book presentation was made in early 2008.

The book was also put on the E-library of the Armenian Genocide Resource Center ( http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/ ) and made available to the whole world.

I understand there has been more than 5000 downloads from the electronic library, ninety percent from outside of Turkey.

The book comprises more than 2000 verbatim book or original document excerpts. So far, no party claimed that even ONE excerpt is not true!

New documents and sources which have been uncovered “after publishing my first book”, did not only RECONFIRM the TRUTH of EVERYTHING written in there BUT BROUGHT NEW KNOWLEDGE and DOCUMENTS which is shared with readers in this “continuation and final volume in the set!”

Sukru Server Aya

BOOK Presentation Speech - TURKSAM - Ankara
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dec. 15, 2010

I thank you all for attending this presentation and taking interest in the subject which was summarized in the booklet provided.

My host Mr. Sinan Ogan a well informed young strategist and president of TURKSAM and another even more reputed and respected person on all world affairs involving studies humane values and world literature, Professor Halman (also UNICEF director in Turkey) have already explained why you have been invited. There is not much that I can say to what they already said.

As you may already know by now, I am no scholar, historian, writer or politician, but I have been a good and “concerned reader” of many books with shallow lectures or distortion of facts many times to extremities of logic and physical possibility. When you read many different opinions and irrefutable documents, you start to realize that many reputed writers have not done their home-works promptly by double-triple checking the knowledge made available to them! What they easily do is to take some writers for granted and repeat the same errors, which act in “domino effect” !.

If the researchers do not check the evidences behind statements, they prefer to take shelter under vague defenses, such as “so many parliaments” or “overwhelming majority” which should have spoken the truth!. If you doubt any of these biased or brilliantly packaged statements you are tagged as a vile “denialist” and not as a decent “conformist” like the majority which has been brain stormed for decades. Should we fall in such traps and be duped by those?

Gentlemen we all know that Jesus was crucified by overwhelming majority and so many Muslims were stoned to death or Ku Klux Klan’s burned and killed or innocent persons were lynched by mobs, without the right of defense or hearing the opposite arguments. Unfortunately, “innocent until proven guilty” principle does not apply in politics!

In short Gentlemen, my objective over the years has always been not to accuse or defend any faith or nationality or race. I hate racists and religious fanatics, who prefer to hide behind stale ideologies or books. I respect those using their own intelligence, respecting ethical and human values, such as NOT TO LIE but SPEAK THE TRUTH and defend the innocents, against charlatans of GLOBAL ETHICS.

Rather than making a long boring speech, I ask you to kindly watch the Power Point presentation giving a hopscotch picture of the past centuries. I have attached a couple of short movie clips that were presented in the blog site of Armenian Genocide Resource Center, and which are self explanatory and show that my attempt to wake up the “decent people to drop their prejudices” and be prudent and neutral, is right!

After you watch these presentations, I will be happy to answer your questions. The knowledge I have compiled throughout years and reading scanning tens of thousands of pages of relative documents give me the confidence that all parts of this puzzle have surfaced and fit in and there are no more secrets, unless new documents surface to annul the pyramidal mount of existing non Turkish documents from neutral or anti-Turkish sources.

To make the best of time and handle as many questions as possible, I prefer to have questions written and sent to the moderator, to be handled in the first round. Verbal questions If we have enough time left, I welcome short verbal questions. If time will allow and after answering all questions posed to me, the moderator may probably
permit few of our inspired guests to express their own personal opinions in very short speeches so that we may share knowledge by a friendly and mature dialogue.

Personally, if I can be made convinced by strong documents annulling the ones I have based by studies, it will be my “duty of honor” to support the “genocide” verdict by hearsays. Until such time, we a small group of “concerned people to set the records straight” in the world, including the blog site of Armenian Genocide Resource Center we have to defend the TRUTH for the sake of the destitute Armenians in Armenia, tens of thousands working illegally in Turkey, and a sizeable group of Turkish Citizens who happen to be of another ethnicity or faith. They were my faithful friends yesterday and they are today, despite the outside infiltrations again to disrupt peace and I struggle for them, as much as they trust and understand me.

Life is too short and valuable to waste on hatred, grudge and lies…
We must be aware that in every country-nation-race or faith there can always be charlatans or criminals exploiting our sincerity and good wishes… The Reno Evening Gazette writer had expressed all these facts on Nov. 14, 1915 issue and had warned all Americans “not to be duped by these lies and stories of charlatans who are professional beggars only for their own self, selling fabricated stories.”

Open Acknowledgment and Thanks to:

* Distinguished Scholars Sam S. Baskett, Justin McCarthy, and Jeremy Salt, for their kind acknowledgement of my sincere efforts

* Lara Kaplan, Seda Goulizar and Murat Ürguplu for their support at “armenians-1915.blogspot.com” and also to “angelsof1915.blogspot.com”

* “cptstrs” friends: Sevgin and Yuksel Oktay, Dr. Mustafa S. Atac, M. Nuri Yildirim, Fatma Sarıkaya, Melih Berk and Prof. Talat S. Halman for their whole hearted help and solidarity in preparation of this book with our modest means.

* Acknowledgment and thanks for data, photographs and maps provided in the blog sites of:
Sukru Server Aya

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Book Presentation -2 - The Genocide of Truth Continues..But Facts Tell the Real Story – By Sükrü Server Aya, Published by Derin Yayınevi. 2010

16 January 2011, Bizim Tepe İstanbul

A second presentation of the above referenced book took place at Robert College Alumni Center Bizim Tepe, on a rainy Sunday afternoon n İstanbul (1). The notice for the presentation was received from Talas mail group (the second 2050 group, forwarding the message from the first 1889 group). with a message that a note for attendance should be sent to Selim Kalafat, a Talas graduate, which I duly did (2).

Getting to Yeditepe via public transport from Kozyatağı was not easy but fun – taking a minibus to Üsküdar, than a boat across the Bosphorous to Beşiktaş, spending a couple of hours at the magnificent Bahçeşehir University Barbaros Library near the piers, full of students on a Sunday, bus to Arnavutköy and lunch at the corner restaurant near the bus stop and a chance encounter.

I ordered menemen since I had not had breakfast yet and after reading several newspapers, I asked the attendant where Bizim Tepe was, a place I had never been before. He did not know, but a young lady across from my table said, ‘’It is high on the hill, near Ulus, and the easiest way is to go through our garden.’’. After they paid their bill, we walked out together which gave me a chance to speak to them. The lady was a graduate of Robert College and her husband, a graduate of Tarsus American College. What a coincidence, I told them, stating that I was also a graduate of TAC as we climbed the stairs when we found out that the elevator to their house was not working. We walked through beautiful gardens and next to a large pool, and stopped in front of a beautiful house, right on the hills of Arnavutköy overlooking the Bosphorous. Hasan Hazerdaroğlu, TAC 89, gave the keys to his car to the chauffeur and told him to take me to Bizim Tepe. What a wonderful gesture, I said to myself, and thanked to Hasan and his wife, and gave them my card.. They promised to write back to me... A truly TAC tradition of keeping in touch and helping fellow graduates.

The conference room on the second floor of Bizim Tepe was full with participants, perhaps over 100, with copies of Sükrü Aya’s book lined on the table together with cpies of the brochure ‘’Armenian Fabrication (3)’’. The meeting was opened by the head of the Alumni Center Ayşe hanım, who first introduced Nuri Çolakoğlu as the guest speaker. Çolakoğlu stated that he was a 1962 graduate of Robert College, the year when he went to Ankara Siyasal Bilgiler Fakultesi with 4 other graduates, all wanting to be diplomats. Consul General, who was murdered by an Armenian fanatic in 1973 in California, Bahadır Demir (4) was one of the group members. Then, Çolakoğlu mentioned that Sükrü Aya was a 1954 graduate of Robert College, and Prof Talat Halman, Prof. Türkkaya Ataöv were both his classmates. After stating that he has been following the Armenian issue himself, welcomed everyone to the presentation (5).

Sükrü Aya thanked everyone for coming to the presentation and stated that the book was intended for those who speak without knowing the truth about the Armenian issue, especially those outside of Turkey. He made reference to the TV program where Hayrettin Karaca and Muazzez Hilmiye Çığ spoke about the Armenian issue and also to his Armenian friend who wrote the preface to his book. Referring to his earlier book, Aya stated that he had used 2,000 references from over 30,000 pages for his first book which after the publication reached to 60,000, hence the reason for his second book.

Aya also mentioned that the booklet prepared by a group in the US, Concerned People to Set the Record Straight (CPTSTRS), headed by Sevgin Oktay (Tac 54) and paid for Mustafa Ataç was also available. He also made reference to the http//www.armenians-1915.blogspot.com.

Two videos were shown. The first one was on Artvin Pekin, an Armenian Turk who had set himself on fire to protest ASALA murders and died in 1982. The second one was ‘’A Leaping Tour of Ottoman History’’, starting with the arrival of American ships to Ottoman controlled Mediterranean Sea, many Armenian revolts (5), the Re-location of Armenians and the British assault on Dardanelles in 1915, with many events in between. The presentation ended with a series of questions that need to be answered.

It was another excellent presentation and I salute Sukru Bey for all of his efforts. It is too bad that there were no members from the Talas or Tarsus alumni or any reporter (6).

Yüksel Oktay
17 January 2011

Notes: (1) An unfinished commentary on the December 15, 2010 book presentation is given below.




Book Presentation 1- The Genocide of Truth Continues..But Facts Tell the Real Story – By Sükrü Server Aya, Published by Derin Yayınevi.

15 December 2010, Ankara

The new book is the second volume of ''The Genocide of Truth'' published in 2008 (1). A Turkish version of the book ''Soykırım Tacirleri'' was also published in 2009.

The book presentation, hosted by Sinan Ogan, the President of TURKSAM (2) started around 15:00 at the Meeting Room of TURKSAM with the attendance of 100 over participants. Among the audience were Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halacoğlu, Amb Ömer Lütfi Lütem, Prof. Jeremy Salt, Prof. Kemal Çelik, Amb. Melih Berk, Mustafa Ataç, Representatives from the Ukranian and Russian Consulates, Hüseyin Avni Yazcan (representing, he said Azmi Guran, long time resident of Switzerland and one of the şövalyes) and many other distinguished academicians, writers, and reporters.

The presentation was opened by Amb Ali Hikmet Alp as the moderator, with a short commentary that the alleged Armenian Genocide is one of the issues that keeps a lot of people busy. He stated that he took interest in the subject during his youth but could not follow on it properly due to his job requirements.. Sükrü Server Ata also spoke briefly in between signing his new book. He made reference o the new group in the US, Concerned People to Set The Record Straight (www.cptstrs.org), stating that may be 10 are active members (3). In one of the handouts, Aya writes the following, which sums up his reason for writing the books:

‘’In short Gentlemen, my objectives over the years has always been not to accuse or defend any faith, nationality or race. I hate racist and religious fanatics, who prefer to hide behind state ideologies or books. I respect those using their own intelligence, respecting ethical and human values, such as NOT TO LIE but SPEAK THE TRUTH and defend the innocents, against charlatans of GLOBAL ETHICS.’’

Sinan Ogan, spoke briefly and and after welcoming the participants, he introduced Prof. Talat Halman to present his opening speech.

Talat Halman first stated that this is a sensitive and a difficult issue since it has been turned into another Crusade, in fact the most successful one. Referring to the Armenians who were an integral part of the Ottoman society, Halman mentioned Vartan Paşa who wrote the first Turkish novel and that the Postal service was started by an Armenian, and many Armenians were elected to the Parliament and were appointed as Ministers,.

After Halman's presentation, the Moderator asked Sinan to say a few words. Two short video’s were presented, the first one the 1957 movie, ‘’Something of Value’’ where a comparison of horrible treatment of Kenyans by the British and the just treatment of the Armenians by the Ottomans. A power point presentation with a detailed information on the Armenian issue prepared by Şükrü Aya was also shown.

Unfortunately, Elif Derbeder, the GM of Deriner could not attend the presentation.

I had to leave early due to another commitment scheduled for 17:00 PM and missed the comment and question and answer session. I trust these will be summarized by others so that the full story can be told and concerned people disseminate the information exchanged at the presentation. The absence of representatives from media, except a few, and Prof. Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv, were noticeable, despite a personal invitation by this writer, perhaps due to health reasons. I hope the same book presentation will be repeated in Turkey where Prof. Ataöv could be the main speaker, since he has written about the Armenian issue for many years and lectured all over the world more then anyone in Turkey

Yüksel Oktay
17 December 2010

(1) The Genocide of Truth by Sukru Server Aya, published on

(2). TURKSAM – Uluslar arası Ilişkiler ve Stratejik Analizler Merkezi – is a very active Think Tnak with several institutes under its umbrella, including the Energy Research Institute.

(3) A 32 page booklet prepared by the CPTSTRS was also available at the presentation with copies of earlier books.


(24.202.22x.xx) Saint-laurent, Quebec, Canada said...

I am excited to hear that Mr Aya has produced this incredible collection on the Armenian Issue.

I will get my daughter to bring a copy along next month.

Thank you

(139.179.198.xxx) Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey said...

Congratulations to you on your new book.

I admire your perseverance and wish you the best

(193.255.125.xxx)Firat University, Firat, Malatya said...

After reading the book release meeting at Turksam, I felt I have really missed something (not just the book itself but meeting you and attendees), I should have been there. I heard about the meeting but couldn't attend as I live in Malatya.

It looks like it was a huge success. My proposal is to repeat the book launch in other cities and locations for not just the book launch but also discussion opportunity to educate ourselves with better and factual information where most us lack at present.

Mr Sukru Aya, You are very much needed for sure and I wish you a long life

(81.213.74.xxx) Gaziantep, Turkey said...

I am so proud of you and appreciate what you have produced.

I believe you are the essential part and the solution of this Armenian Dilemma

all the best

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