3352) Video: Untruth About Armenian Genocide With Sukru Server Aya, ART TV 4th May 2012, Strategy Special

Summary of the Discussion "Untruth About Armenian Genocide" with Sukru Server Aya

This programme started with the presenter Ali Kulebi's introduction of SS Aya as an eminent researcher and a writer on the subject. In reference to the previously viewed video clip which showed the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's speech in 2005, the question was asked about the current situation following the April 24th genocide commemorations all around the world. Aya responded with an observation about the Prime Minister's argument, stating that there would always be a problem with this kind of argument because he believed that the Armenians would neither respond to his invitations, nor come to discuss the subject as they have no historical evidence for their claims. They should be confronted with the reams of evidence and documents which exist and prove that the claims cannot be based on truth
. . .

Aya believes that the Turkish state has a duty to question and demonstrate the truth, putting the evidence in front of the eyes of the believers and supporters of this unjust claim.

Aya and Kulebi acknowledged that the subject is being used as a political tool by the French politicians in order to gain Armenian votes. Aya pointed out that the acceptance of genocide is being discussed in Iceland, Check Republic and Norwegian parliaments and Obama is still getting away with playing with words in the US because the Turkish state is not making a real effort to challenge them with the strong relevant documents. He explained that there are 160 newspaper articles from 1890s, proving the existence of Armenian terrorism and their fight against the Ottoman army.

In enhancing this argument Kulebi read from one of the documents in which the old United Nations (1920) General Secretary clearly declares the impossibility of intention of genocide on the part of the Turkish administration; “Further, in Turkey, minorities were often oppressed and massacres carried out by irregular bands who were entirely outside the control of the central Turkish Government".

Kulebi later enquired about the inaction of the Turkish Foreign Office officials and wondered why they were allowing all the unjust claims/actions of the activists as well as the biased press to continue unchallenged. Aya's response was based on his belief that in order to achieve this, people need to be curious, educate themselves on the subject and arm themselves with historical facts and figures as he himself has been doing for years. He believes that the state does not seem to be organised enough and willing to undertake this responsibility on herself. He pointed out that if ever, the much talked about Commission was set up and proceeds, the host country Switzerland is not likely to be neutral, given their past attitude towards Turkey.

Aya explained that he was not one for taking sides, Turkish or Armenian and that his work was based on a humanist perspective because he was interested in the truth and the importance of the truth being acknowledged. He referred to his Armenian contacts and the website where his work is continuously published and documents displayed while he has come unstuck with the Turkish Foreign Office officials, press and academia that do not seem to want to know about his work. Aya believes that even the Turkish press is reluctant to publish the truth but somehow happy about publishing news related to the supporters of genocide claims!

Aya gave his opinion about the established belief in Armenian people and the Diaspora where the role of the activists and some terrorists being the most crucial element. He believes that the psychological situation of the people have been manipulated by them with the financial gain playing an important part. Also that they have managed to professionalize the hatred towards Turkey in the way they collect aid money and money for supporting US senators and Congressmen with their political campaigns. At this point Kulebi gave the example of Nancy Pelosi, an American Senator who has campaigned against Turkey vociferously as a pay back to the funds and support she had received from the Californian Armenians. Aya acknowledged that the American public is likely to be naive and innocent and that they believe Armenian propaganda in the absence of a strong counter argument by the Turkish State. Aya believes that they must be confronted with facts and figures. Also that the Prime Minister has a strong hand, strong evidence base and that he should fully utilise these.

Aya continued to supply further information from the archives of US (General Harbord) and Britain. He made the link between British and Russian encouragement in involving the Armenian Turks to rebel, and this leading to the refusal of the ‘ Armenian autonomy’ offered to them by the Turks in 1914. The ensuing killings and thousands of dead bodies were later witnessed by the Turkish Army entering Erzincan and Erzurum at the end of the war. Kulebi mentioned the graves in Syria which are claimed to be the only Armenian graves discovered up to now. However Aya questioned the genuineness of these and also explained the impossibility and the myth of so many million Armenian deaths as argued. If the claim of 1.5 million deaths in 150 days were to be accepted, this would have required the killing and burial of 10.000 people every day. This he said is an absurd lie and cannot be believed.

Aya explained the delicateness and the difficulty of overturning the American belief system but was adamant about the necessity of exposing the truth; he referred to Prof Justin McCarthy's work where the origins of the hatred against Turks are explored and documented. Aya explained that the original purpose of the American missionary involvement was driven by this hatred and the objective of converting the Armenians into Protestants.

These points led to Kubeli's enquiry about the West's double standards and general negative attitude towards the Muslims, demonstrating itself even in the heart of Europe when thousands of Muslims were massacred by the Serbians in 1990. Double standard issue was also related to the actions and inactions of the West in the cases of Northern Cyprus and Karabag (Azerbaijan).

Kulebi moved the discussion to the issue of latest Armenian demands; financial compensation and property. Aya gave documentary evidence regarding the already paid compensation, going back to 1937 – the early Republican Government days. Aya referred to the communique between US and the Turkish Foreign Office; this document was signed by W Washington of US Foreign Office, stating clearly that $ 89.338 was paid to the Armenians as compensation and that therefore Turkey was clear from any further obligations. Aya believes that this US signed document should be used as an evidence to confront all the demands continuously being made on Turkey.

At end of the discussion both Aya and Kulebi discussed the unjustness of the claims and the slander against the Turkish character and behaviour, giving examples from history about the Turks' caring and helpful acts towards other nations regardless of their religious differences. One example was the 3 ships-full of grain sent to Ireland due to the potato famine in 1840, during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid. The other example given was the 98% of American aid which was delivered solely to the Christians during the famine and epidemics suffered by the Ottoman army and the Muslim public as well as the Armenian Turks. American Aid Report noted with astonishment that there was no looting or stealing in the times of extreme suffering and shortage by the Turks.

Aya summarized that the deportation of Armenians was necessary and it was successful because as a result, Armenian terrorists had stopped their terrorist actions. It was also noted as significant that many of the deported returned to the Republic of Turkey afterwards.

Aya expressed his frustration and his sadness that he has not been effective in mobilising the Turkish government since his involvement in 2005 and that he was not immortal. Kulebi responded with the conclusion that the' fight must go on' and that Aya’s work is being most helpful and appreciated by many people.

Betula Nelson 10/05/12



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