599) "Art Of Living Together In Ottoman Society: Case Of Turkish-Armenian Relations" Erciyes University Symposium Papers Index

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Symposium Papers Index . .
International Social Studies Symposium [EUSAS-I] 20 - 22 April, 2006
  1. Armenians And Churches Of Kayseri In The 19th Century
  2. Evangelization Of Armenians In Erzurum And Everek By American Board Missionaries
  3. Art Of Living Together In The Ottoman Society: Opening Speeches: M Hulagu, C Utas, Mesrob II, B Simsir, Y Halacoglu, M Saray, N Kandemir
  4. Essay Of Discernment On “The Armenian Issue”
  5. Role of First Armenian Propaganda Film in Development of Armenian Nationalism
  6. Social Life In Cyprus & Turko-Armenian Relations
  7. Harmonious Life In 17th Erzurum: Turkish-Armenian Harmony
  8. Armenians In Social & Economic Life Of Bursa Until Tanzimat Period
  9. Contributions Of Armenians In Creation Of New Social Life & Literature In 19th Century
  10. Turk-Armenian Cooperation In Eregli Mining Sector Between (1878-1920)
  11. Ottoman-Armenian Relations In Light Of Medieval Historical Sources
  12. Faith Dimension Of Turk-Armenian Relations
  13. Young Turk-Armenian Relations During Second Constitutional Period, 1908-1914
  14. Armenian Catholic Church & Society In Ottoman Empire
  15. Diaspora Armenians Who Are Friends Of Turks
  16. Interconnections of Musical Rraditions of Armenian & Tatars
  17. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Perception of Armenian Community in Constantinople in Turkish Embassy Letters (1765)
  18. Social Lives Of Armenians Who Lived In Balikesir During Ottoman Period
  19. Turks & Armenians In An Ottoman Town
  20. Influence Of Turkish Minstrel Tradition On Armenian Culture & Yusuf Ohannes, Living Armenian Minstrel
  21. Turkish-Armenian Relationship In National Struggle Novels
  22. Marks Of Turkish Literature In An Armenian Myth
  23. Armenians In Architecture Of Late Ottoman Period
  24. Samples of Interaction Between Cultures in Ottoman Administration: Relations of Abdulhamid II with Armenian Statesmen
  25. Language Remembrances Of Gregorian Kiptchaks
  26. Contributions Of Armenian People of Culture to Turkish Revolution & Nation
  27. Balyan Family & Turkish Mosques
  28. Example Of Living In Harmony & Together In Ottoman Society “Ereğli Coal Area”
  29. Social & Economic Life Of Cypriot Armenians In 18th Century
  30. Turkish-Armenian Relations In Ottoman Legal System In Tokat (1770-1810)
  31. Conversion Movements & Concept Of Tolerance In Bilateral Relations Between Turks & Armenians
  32. Turkish Armenian Relations Symposium Summary Papers
  33. Religious Concessions Of Ottoman Empire Towards Armenians Within Framework Of Church Reconstructions
  34. Turkish-Armenian Relationships in Cinema
  35. Turkish –Armenian Relationships At The End Of 19th Century
  36. Report Prepared In 1778 On Catholic Conversion Works Of Armenians & Its Results
  37. Bursa Armenians In The Opus Entitled ‘Bursa Tour’ By Bulgarian Researcher Nikola Natchov
  38. Survey Of Life Of Armenians In Ottoman City Of Kayseri In 17th Century ( Kayseri Sharia Court Records)
  39. Some Reflections On Cultural Relationships Between Turks & Armenians
  40. Dimension Of Turkish-Armenian Economic Relationship In Kayseri Sanjak In 19th Century & Turkish Vocabulary
  41. Loyalty In Exile: Ottoman Dynasty & Armenian Migir Efendi
  42. Supervision Of Ottoman State Of Armenian Schools
  43. Example Of "Art Of Living Together" In Ottoman Society: Socio-Cultural Interactions & Mutual Support Between Turkish-Armenian Societies In Yozgat
  44. Economic States & Administrative Functions Of Non-Muslims In Maras District During Late Ottoman Empire
  45. Turkish-Armenian Relations In Develi According To Sharia Court Records
  46. Armenian Musicians & Composers In Ottoman Music Tradition
  47. Symbiosis Of Turks & Nonmuslims In Anatolia: Turkish-Armenian Relations As Case Study
  48. Comparison Of Economic Structures Of Turks & Armenians In Second Half Of 19th Century: Case Of Tokat
  49. Turkish-Armenian Relationships In Turkish Health System
  50. Mahcubi Baba, A Poet Of Armenian Extraction, & His Islamic Views In His Poems
  51. Social Reflections Of Muslim & Non-Muslim Relations In Urfa During Classical Ottoman Period

  52. Summaries Of Papers Presented At The Emergency Of Armenian Nationalism In XIX th Century & Policies Of Great Powers Symposium (EUSAS II)

More To Follow Soon :
  1. Armenians In “Congregation” System
  2. Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Armenians In Sivas During Ottoman Period
  3. Armenians In Bursa & Its Vicinity Between 1860-1880
  4. Good Model Of Living Together: Turkish-Armenian Relations At Harput (Modern Elaziğ)
  5. Religious Differentiation Undergone By Armenian Community In 19th Century & Its Repercussions In Kayseri
  6. Evaluation Of Sociocultural Interaction Of Turks & Armenians In Kayseri Region Using Spoken History Method
  7. Life Dedicated To Ottoman Finance: Agop Kazazian Pasha
  8. Interaction Between Cultures In Ottoman Administration: Relations Of Abdulhamid II With Armenian Statesmen
  9. Governmental Service And Social Life Of Armenians In Diyarbakir


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